Always on my mind...

In the midst of the mountain that is the busiest week in the summer (the tech elvis/prep one hit/perform sinatra week), we just got some news that suddenly made everything seem to stop spinning. We lost one of our dearest patrons this evening. Emily Michaels was one of those people that made me feel far more special and more talented and funnier than I ever have any right to be. She was one of the strongest, bravest people I've ever met and never ever ceased to make us laugh. She was a firecracker. And I loved her very much. We all did. And it breaks my heart to think she won't see everything she dreamed for us finished in person... but I know she'll be pushing us along from a place with a better view. She came to the first Halloween show in 'costume' with a stuffed parrot strapped to her shoulder. When Janice asked her who she was suppoed to be she said "Warren Buffet. (pause). No, I'm "Cheesburger in Paradise". (she meant to say Jimmy Buffett).

One night, a few months ago after having a particularly rough patch with her health, Emily returned to see a show at the Supper Club. We hadn't thought that she would be able to come - but she rallied and got to the theater. That night I dedicated a song to "my fiancee, Emily" just because I wanted to make her laugh. The next day she placed an ad in the Herald Press - 1/8 of a page - that said "Joel, I do".

G'night to our dear, dear cheeseburger...see you in paradise.


xo jojo