Good Friday followed by Scrapin' Saturday.

Well it's the first nice day of the year kids... the sun was out, and so rather than stay cooped up with a attention deficit dachshund, I figured that I might try making a start on a project that's been hounding me since.... well... the day we got here! We had chicken and noodles the other day as a lunch special. OMG this stuff is like crack. Seriously - I made Rachel (the cook) promise to never ever tell me what was in it, because if I ever find out I might be afraid to eat as much of it as I chowed down today! The new menu is almost ready to hit the press... it took a lot of finessing - but I think now it's a lot more readable and helps focus the eye on things we'd really like people to notice.

I've got almossst all the research done for the one hit wonders show - next stop Sinatra-land. As they said at the open casting call for 'The Fantastic Four' - "if it's not one Thing it's another".