Kitchen Tour!

Here's a peek at all the new fun kitchen equipment that cost about a zillion dollars to purchase and install. You people better order a lot of steak is all i'm saying :) Everybody who came down for free dessert thanks!!! The Herald Press ballot for the Best of Huntington turned out to have like 120 categories (bizarrely with separate listings for 'burger' and 'hamburger'...discuss) that would have taken patrons about 4 months to fill out... Seriously - the ballots only count if you write in answers for over 60 categories. I've lived here four years and I didn't even know we HAVE some of these categories. Best Italian restaurant??? Ummmm.... does pizza hut count? Best oil change? Really? Really? Anyhoo.... so who knows how that whole thing will turn out - but regardless - some folks got to try out some seriously yummy baking!!! And Ryan's wife ravishing and effervescent wife Kristie is never speaking to me again for filming here without prior warning for hair and makeup. But some people roll out of bed looking like a million bucks. Or even million dollar pie... perfect and sweet. (that should get me some suck up points).

xo Jojo.