Yule Blog.

Hey guys - I have tons to share with you - but I don't have much time to write right now - we're about to jump head first into technical rehearsals. Christmas tickets are selling really well - and I just wanna let you know that there are still some left - with the best availability being next week (we start right after Thanksgiving). Also - DON'T FORGET - My free performance of A Christmas Carol is on the 27th at 1:00. If you haven't caught it before, please come and bring the family... It's pretty much my favorite thing I get to do all year - and having kids sitting cross legged right in front of the stage makes it so much fun.

I'm so excited for you all to see the Christmas Show - the girls are just fierce... And since we love you folks so much, here's a little preview!! Keep in mind this is just rehearsal footage recorded on my laptop - and even though the girls are holding mics the actual sound system is two floors below them in the lobby! So you're just hearing them in the glorious way nature made 'em!

Hope to see you guys in just a few days...eep!!!

dsc_0083.jpg Click here to hear: GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN - ELIZABETH and the gals. dsc_0105.jpg Click to hear: CHARLOTTE SINGING SILENT NIGHT...(like a real live angel!). dsc_0113.jpg We have lots of surprises in store that are gonna knock the jingle bells right off your Christmas socks! xo jojo.