Open a New Window - aug 27 continued.

Two blog postings in one day... it's the least I could do after my considerable absence. So - after the window guys, the cable guys, the insect announcer, and the wedding planner - we got the plumber. Keith showed up cuz he was in the neighborhood and thought he would just check up and see how we were doing. Awwwww. We told him we'd be ready for him by Thursday (since tomorrow is Pork Day... and we'll do the joists on Wednesday. And you can take that to the BANK. (Ok - I know the joists have been on a hiatus... but that's "joist the way it is". I'm here all week... try the veal.

The window guys knocked off at seven. They did a great job... ok - for what we were paying for installation - if it wasn't a great job, Rich would probably have a conniption. But they did - and we're thrilled. It's kind of astounding how much this process involves hacking at your extremely expensive new windows with a knife. In fact they hacked so much they needed to borrow a new knife blade from us. The way they trim them to fit, is actually to hack at the side of the window with a CRAFT KNIFE. Freehand. There was a moment before I realized that there WAS a finishing edge piece that goes on TOP, that I looked at the side of the window (that looks like an epileptic had drawn a straight line down it) and was a little upset. But then the finishing piece goes over that - and voila. Rich also watched VERRRRRYYYY carefully and feels pretty confident that the next time we need to install windows (elsewhere people... these puppies are staying where they're at FOREVER) that we can probably do it ourselves. By "ourselves" I probably mean Rich and Po. Although, since it involves hacking... I've spent much of my career being a hack. The only thing the pro-window-hackers have which seems incredibly specialized is the big metal sheet bendy thing that sizes the aluminum wrapping on the outside of the windows.


But Rich is resourceful. I'm sure with a garden hose and duct tape he can figure out something.

The window guys have to come back tomorrow to take out and replace the two little windows and everything needs caulked and whatever. But they are in place. They look awesome. They are sturdy and BEAUTIFUL. And only one spider got past them so far... but we think he was already inside. And they haven't got any seal around them. And once that caulk is up we are declaring a major spider WAR. There's gonna be more spraying than in the wig trailer on the set of Hairspray.

Anyway - here's some window pics. BTW I TOTALLY FORGOT to tell you something I meant to say ages ago. Now... the window guys name... and I am not making this up. I swear...

Mike Glass. No shit.





Actually I was a little concerned that the white windows wouldn't look that nice with the cream and maroon tile... but I never factored in the white of the marquee. It looks so much cleaner and nicer already - it's definitely a major improvement - compare:



Frankly there wasn't a heap of stuff Rich and I could do today since the window guys totally had taken over the foyer with the giant metal bendy thing, and they had to have full reign of the kitchen and the living room... so we couldn't put down joists or anything, and Rich couldn't work at his computer since it's stationed in the living room temporarily. So I worked on my Adobe Illustrator tutorials and Rich went downstairs and sat and worked on the text book editing stuff he does for his old boss. And then I would go downstairs and bug Rich cuz i'd get bored. And so it went. Po was very peeved that she could not hang out with the construction guys... but they were getting things all over the floor which normally she would classify as a major food group... like metal... glass... y'know. So we had to partition her off and deal with her being pissy all day.

After they left... the cable went out again. The cable folk had gotten my computer working - so we all assumed rich's would also hook up fine. So after the window guys left for the day, Rich tried to connect everything. Nothing. An hour of unsuccessful futzing later, Rich was not a happy camper. In fact, I believe he said something about "F-ing sh-t a-s f-ing boon-dock cable". Which I don't believe is actually the official company slogan of ComCast... but I'm not sure.

Finally we called in an extra IT support technician:

TECH SU-PO-T office-po.JPG

and she got it working. Amen.

We celebrated our beautiful new window-ness by going to Don Rafael's (the 'freakishly good for Indiana" Mexican restaurant). We were very psyched because we had a three dollar coupon for any bill over $20. Our bill came to $19.82 - I am not making this up.

Anyway... next time Rich will just order a margarita to push us over the hump. He's earned it.

I shall leave you with one final picture of our window gorgeousness...


And now... countdown to pork. Synchronize watches people.