Laptop made me stop..

Now that I've actually typed that title, I admit it does look a little bit like "the dog ate my homework"...however:So this time I have a legitimate excuse folks... my laptop died. It had been hanging on by a thread over the entire summer - but just about when the actors left (and I had to get my syllabus ready for school, thanks), it just packed it in. So I took it to Fort Wayne and then took it to Indy, and then took it back to Fort Wayne, and then it came home - like the six million dollar man - we can REBUILD YOU! She needed some major surgery - (not like scary Joan Rivers surgery - good, helpful, like Enrique iglesias getting that mole off surgery). I couldn't post a blog cuz alllll the picture were on the laptop. So. Now we are back in business.

Ok - so I always want you bloggies to be the first ones with a scoop - so I should let you know straight away that Elizabeth is comin' back for Christmas! And I have pictures of her in a Santa hat to prove it!

SANTA'S LITTLE BELTER. eliz-good.jpg

It had been PRETTY defnite - but the contract arrived in the mail today. People are so excited about her coming back - and some nights of the Christmas show are already sold out... so get 'em quick peeps. In case you need a little example of why people are so crazy about her:

CLICK HERE FOR SOME URBANCZYK FIERCENESS. Anyway - she's excited, we're excited - and it's gonna be fun all round. Our amazing Mike "Saved Our Butt" Borth is also back on board - and he's pretty darn excited about NOT having to orchestrate 90 songs in fourteen days this time. :)

I think Nathan is also coming back. Last summer one our well-lubricated patrons told Nathan he should come back at Christmas.... cuz he could play Santa Claus. This did not do much for Nathan's ego - so THIS summer, with the help of Jillian Michaels and eating like a grasshopper, he lost 50 pounds during the course of the shows. Which is amazing considering during the course of the summer everyone else gains about 20 thanks to Margaret's food...

SKINNY AS A CANDY CANE... nathan-skinny.jpg

and here is he last summer... nathan-before.jpg

AMAZING!! (and i hate him for his will power).

The shows flew by quicker than you can imagine. It felt like a long summer (particularly because of the new extra weeks of rehearsal at the beginning) - but the end of the season crept up pretty fast.



Carl's hair is always a challenge...the 'bump it' was not an ideal solution... carl-bumpit.jpg

Speakin' of 'bump it's' - the original bump it queen herself, Angie, came down from Indy with her Mom to catch the Dolly show. It allowed us once and for all to get photographic proof that Angie and Erika were not the same person. People in the receiving line all summer had been saying to Erika "it's so nice to have you back in Huntington", confusing her with our former tiny summer red head! FUTURE SIDE-SHOW REVIVAL CAST? angie-and-erika.jpg

On the subject of the receiving line - thanks to gaggles of parental visits, we have, for the first time EVER, pictures of us in the 'Joyed It' Line. (the actors call the Receiving Line the 'joyed it' line because everyone says, going down the line to each actor "Enjoyed it...joyed it.... enjoyed it...joyed it...joyed it." group-70s-line.jpg

Please not the extremely classy sliver emroidery on my Dolly shirt... group-receiving-dolly.jpg Want a closer look? Of course you do... cowboy-hat.jpg

I was realllly sad to retire my cowboy hat at the end of the summer. Janice and I found it at a local farm store - and i have a tiny head - so i was so excited that it fit me. We were already half way through the run, and I was scared rich was gonna whup my butt for spending 45 bucks on a cowboy hat - but Janice thought it looked cute - so I was gonna bite the bullet. Then when we check out, we found out it was on sale and I got it for $15! yeeeehawww.

The best receiving line of the summer was this one... we had a girl at a matinee for the seventies show who was allllllll dressed up: seventies-lass.jpg (apparently it was a recital costume at one point!)... I brought her up on stage during the show. She, tragically, did not know the choreography for proud mary. But after the show we got some shots with her...


As ever - the highlight of the summer was, of course, brunch at Debbie (Delectable) Dyer's house... Featuring (because she loves me sooooo much) the WORLD FAMOUS MOST AMAZING FRENCH TOAST IN THE UNIVERSE. It's a Paula Dean Praline thing that is basically like licking a stick of butter like a lolly pop. But yummeeeee. The brunch came right as things were finally winding up. So we'd worked up exhaustion and an appetite! brunch-line.jpg

And for about the first time in the whole summer, everybody just chilled out TOGETHER...which was really, really nice. actors-at-debbies.jpg


Urban(czyk) Outfitters. eliz-at-debbie.jpg

More summer fun coming in a few days. Get those christmas tickets soon cuz they're goin'. We actually start the casting process on Tuesday... my lord it's like being on a hamster wheel. xo jojo.