Why are 15 men on a dead man's chest anyway?

So - We are seriously counting down to Treasure Island now. I'm excited and nervous about it. I still have to sort my pirates - all the main characters are ready to go...but when I try and tackle the 15 pirates arrrrguing with each other I get a little muddled. But - other than that - it's dandy. I hope you're comin! It's one of most young-person friendly things I think we've done, so if you've ever wanted an excuse to subject your grandchild to culture, this is a good start... I'm nervous about my students from university coming to the dress rehearsal, just I think they'll find me completely hilarious in my gettup and not be able to stop laughing for an hour! The other day one of them was asking me something I said, "you know what Treasure Island is, right?" and they replied "Yeah... the thing with Muppets". No child left behind, folks.

So - my gettup. Everything arrived and it's pretty cool... Here's the press pic we're gonna send out that poor Janice shot for me while I was looking like a goober against her newly polished brick wall... joel-press-pic-treasurefixed.jpg

Steve Ness saw me while I was walking from one building to the other and I think he nearly had cardiac arrest. Here's a pic with the flash so you can see appreciate my velvetine silliness...


Please note the shoes - they weren't easy to find. An here's a pic of the wig if you're wonderin' how that looks close up...


Anyway - we start teching the stuff on Tuesday and I'm truly hoping the 25 billion sound cues work pretty well. I'm actually havin' a devil of a time thinking of preshow music - so throw suggestions my way.

Ohhh... The Arts Council logo that I designed has officially been unveiled - so i can share it with you... here's the newspaper thingy... ARTS COUNCIL LOGO ARTICLE. And here's the 'full name' version of the logo... arts-logo-color-proof-8×11.jpg

MEANWHILE... when I'm not walking around in very tight one inch heels... I've been sloggin' away at the Lincoln show and am only allowing myself to chat with you because I just, an hour ago, actually typed 'The End' on the first draft. Amen. It's like 74 pages and needs to be 60... but at least I have something down on paper. It was REALLLLY hard. I would just sit and stare at the computer for 45 minutes every day before I could even type anything at all. Now, of course, I have to make sure it's ok for 10 year olds - cuz knowing me I've written some kind of "Quentin Tarentino presents Ragin' Abe". Since it's supposed to be for fourth graders (which of course, since I went thorugh a British school system, means NOTHING to me), Debbie and Ann have hooked me up with a fourth grade teacher (10 year olds) who will look it through and tell me when I've used missed the mark. Which, considering Abe's mother was illegitimate, and every four seconds somebody dies from a cow-related disease, is a tricky balance. But hey - Bambi's mom died, right? Po has been helping me keep in the lincoln spirit...

PO-SIDENTIAL po-lincoln.jpg

This is actually a moment when she had finished devouring a stuffed squirrel - but the little tuft looked pretty much like a lincoln beard to me.

Ok - so the great big happenin' since we last spoke was the sock hop. It was soooo much work for those guys (I was teaching during most of the set up day), but by the end of the night I was exhausted too. And Janice and Rich don't ever wanna see another balloon for at least a year...


But by the time they were done the room looked PROM-TASTIC! prom-tastic.jpg

They had a good deal of help that afternoon from Ruth Marsh's daughter who went to... and I am not making this up... Balloon school. Of course, I felt her credentials were INFLATED. Ba dum dum. She has to do a post graduate degree to cover balloon animals. And I'm so NOT making this up.

The day before I had been fussing over our 'Match the Mug' baby-college pictures of local Huntington who's-Hoosiers baby-compare.jpg and our little trophies for the competitions... record-prize.jpg

I would like you to know that there seems to be no way known to modern science to make spray glitter stick to a record. I tried hair spray...(which normally is a great fixative) and NOPE. I guess spray varnish woulda worked - but I wasn't going to find that in Huntington!

We had a BIG challenge because after we had announced the date of the "Sock Hop" (and printed posters and sent out postcards) there were three other big events announced the same day. Including a Tea Party Debate... to which, tragically, Rich positively forbid me to wear this outfit... mrs_potts_costume_06139.jpg

So our usual audience was being pulled in different directions, which made selling tickets much more challenging than usual. We had about a hundred people there, though, and it was a really fun night. WHAT'S HOP-PENIN? hoppin.jpg In fact, we keep hearing from various people that word on the street was that it was so much fun and people can't wait until next year so they CAN go. So - there ya go... The band was really, really, really good. I was so impressed... people danced all evening while Debbie and Cindy sold my Mom's famous hot dog chilli... Debbie's husband Dr. Dave got her a corsage in the sock hop colors... AWwwwwww. corsage.jpg

Paul manned the rootbeer floats... SUPER SCOOPER! super-scooper.jpg (I totally think he looks like something out of Archie comics here!) Janice tended bar...while modelling her "I just whipped this together" kickin' poodle skirt: janice-skirt.jpg

We certainly had some colorful attendees.... it seems there are folks who will dance the night away no matter what... BRACE YOURSELF FOR THE FIFTIES! brace-yourself.jpg

In fact the lady on the right won the hula hoop competition by a landslide... she was able to keep that thing going for a solid minute! hula1.jpg (that pic was from the huntington free press - they got some great pictures...) kelly1.jpg



And it was so much fun, Madge was fit to burst... BUBBLE TROUBLE gum1.jpg

But did... SOCK POP gum-2.jpg

And, believe it or not, half an hour after the band stopped playin' we were back where we started... all-clear.jpg

Except for those few balloons which I'm sure came down eventually.

In between all this, Janice has gotten that brick in the new building all cleaned up and lookin' spick and span (ready for me to paint over with period ad murals... which she's just thrilled about)... cleaned-brick.jpg

Rich has invented the most McGyver construction debris shoot ever devised: poop-chute.jpg Yes, ladies and gents, that would be seven trash cans with the bottoms cut out linked together with zip ties. We're all very proud. :) Actually - it works kind of embarrassingly well. He might need to take out a patent considering REAL construction chutes are like a kajillion bucks.

Plus team Najuch/Pegan managed to dismantle the giant hood (remember the giant oven hood) and get it from Larry's barn INTO the new building... ROBIN AND THE SEVEN(TY FOOT) HOODS hood-on-truck.jpg

hood-going-in.jpg Please note the second invention of the week - the mile long dolly!

THEY HOOD IF THEY COULD in-the-door.jpg

EXHAUST-ing through-door-hood.jpg

As well as the giant sink... or swimming pool as I call it. A BASIN IN THE SUN triple-sink.jpg

HUNTINGTON'S NEW WATER SLIDE. triple-sink-in.jpg

PLUS the old carpet is all up and they're starting to get a glimpse of the original tile that Rich says will clean up really well... tile.jpg

As well as sanding down the walls ready for new tile in the kitchen area... smoothing-walls.jpg

So - you can imagine... everyone is pretty tired. po-in-bed.jpg I would like you to know that picture is not posed. That's how she spends her day. Bitch.

Ok - git your tickets for Treasure Island... If all goes according to plan Rich will be bartending wearing this: LETS GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO SQUAWK ABOUT... parrot-costume1.jpg

xo JoJo.