Baby steps. Aug 23, 07.

Hey there campers... Well - today seemed to zip by again. We had a billion little things happen and unexpected time delays so AGAIN we didn't get to Lowe's to get the joist hardware... so no bathroom floor yet. After our last hellish round studding that room, I think our fearless pack-leader might be avoiding it :). Actually, nope - we just got time-sucked. First we went to grab breakfast at Nicks - and Jean Anne decided to sit with us for an hour and half a chat... which was AWESOME... (a person... who talks to us... other than each other... NEAT)... We had a great time chatting - and Rich showed her some ways she could capitalize on her online advertising with google and a bunch of other little things, and we learned about her husband and her son, and she told us she'd been thinking a lot about the theater and would like to do package ticket/meal offers with us... which is EXACTLY what we were hoping. Which would even mean her opening longer hours - but if the people were there coming to the shows it would be worth her while. it's great news for us - because people will usually prefer to go the theater if they know they can make an EVENING of it - and if nothing is open downtown in the evening - that's not possible. So someone like Jean Anne and Nicks - that EVERYONE knows and is an institution and people like eating there - is great because they will feel like they are getting a good package and will have more of a reason to come downtown. Yay.

She also made the sweetest invitation to us. Since we will be in Indianapolis the whole day for the big Pork Catering Extravaganza, she was worried about the wiener dog. She said that she has two dogs and a big fenced in yard and invited Po to spend the day on a play-date. She even said we could bring Po over before hand to see if she was ok with her dogs and was ok in the fenced area. So - tonight at five we took her over. Her house is adorable and the dogs are really sweet - I'll try and take pictures on the day... and Po enjoyed sniffing new real estate. So - basically we spent all day with the Tenderloin Queen and the rest of our plans went Poof.

We did also go and do some more house-hunting with Natalie. We looked at a great place that is 'a steal' for the price - but it's stil out of our price range... so that was a no go. Which was a shame because it really needed nothing done to it to be able to move people in... and trust me... at this point ANYTHING that actually needs NOTHING done to it sounds reallllly good. Alas. We also checked out another foreclosure duplex - which is in pretty good shape and we might be able to really low-ball on the price. So number cruncher Rich is currently sitting in front of his numerous spreadsheets plugging numbers and doing things that Po probably understands more than me. In fact - since Po now has a play date with two dogs...she's actually accomplished more of a social life than Rich and I have managed in two months. Ha.

I DID manage to locate the concrete staining book... and I think we've already established the joyful experience that going on a great 'where the friggin' hell did I put that?" adventure can be in this cavernous place. So I managed to locate it - and Rich is gonna start boning up. He also found an actual DIY dvd on the concrete staining available online - it's a little pricey - but we both think we might take the plunge. I don't mind this being a lot of work to get it to look great - but I'd hate to spend a lot of time and money and then have it look like ass because we didn't educate ourself properly. And hell - we can go into the decorative concrete business after. I already have a close personal relationship with the materials - Rich frequently says trying to talking to get me to concentrate is like talking to a

I have managed to get some progress made on the paint elevations. We've kind of figured out the configuration of the wallpaper panels and mirror grouping that we like. Now, people, if you had any idea how much work THAT took you wouldn't scoff. I think we also have a basic color scheme (but no accent wall colors chosen yet). And I made a START on a floor design. I really was hoping for something that looked kind of like it was designed by the guys who are Imagineers at Disneyworld or Epcot - as if they were re-doing an art deco space in a clean modern way. It needs to look designed - not interior decorated... if you understand the difference?? Anyway - THIS IS TOO BUSY... but it's a start. Rich likes the idea, and the shapes and the color scheme. The floor is kind of Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass panel meets It's a Small World, I guess. Which is weird...but since we both like it as a starting point... it's HUGE progress. Now I need to basically come up with a similar thing that involves fewer shapes that are larger blocks of color. But now that we know the feel and design approach we both kind of like - it's a huge step in the right direction. Like I told you before, my problem is narrowing DOWN... and once I have a general design scheme I can start putting things together. So - I'll show you what we've got - but keep in mind - it's a very incomplete elevation - only one end of the foyer done in terms of color and treatment - and the FLOOR DESIGN IS GOING TO BE SIMPLER. Ok?? :) And when you look at the floor - remember - even on this one that's too complex - this is a very, very large area - like between forty and fifty feet wide... so each little block on that drawing is like three or four feet wide. So it's large blocks. But we want them larger - like five feet probably. We also have to figure out whether scoring the floor is harder in large blocks or small blocks. Sometimes, using certain tools, doing a large smooth circle line is actually a lot harder than doing many more small circles - because it's tough to maintain a perfect curve over a long distance. So we'll see. But the straight lines can be scored with a circular saw and the correct blade - so those long straight runs are do-able.

IT'S AN ART DECO WORLD AFTER ALL imagineer-floor-geometric.jpg



I did a little close up of a section so you can see the shape of the wallpaper panels with the overlapping deco mirror placement and the sconces as well. The colors of the ceiling detail might still shift too... again... draft draft draft.


So - even though it's not finished I posted it simply so you would know we weren't just sitting around all day watching Judge Judy.

We got GREAT news a few minutes ago, though. Windows have arrived and are being INSTALLED ON MONDAY. Which means come Monday night - Hurricane Fro-juch goes into action and we're are puttin' that kichen and bathroom UP, baby, WAAAYYY up.

I get butterflies just thinking about it. Of course, that could be the monosodium glutamate from the dubious China Buffet Rich and I went to for dinner. Lord, I want that kitchen. So tomorrow - joists. I mean it. Really. Honest :)

xoxox jo jo.