Where'd the day go? Aug 22nd.

Yeesh - seemed like we didn't get much done today. But we were both busy the whole time. We didn't have much time to work on anything TOGETHER - cuz Rich was busy all day with a slew of meetings in person with internet clients and on the phone etc etc. He had a meeting at the bank and we were approved for a mortgage - we're just weighing our exact options as to what kind we want etc. (for the house). And, Natalie called, and the bank officially accepted our offer for the house. Yip yip yippee. In order to try and keep our eye on the prize and keep our dreams from fizzling into mere phantoms, we DO every so often talk about the actual running theatre season. The last show in our first season was going to be Beauty and the Beast - but it's a show I really love - and it's really expensive, and has a lot of tech requirements and magic etc. And since I'll only get to do it once... I didn't want to screw it up. Also, the local community theatre in the next county did it this season. So - we were trying to mull over a show that would work well in the last slot... and work for the Christmas Season. We finally thought Hello Dolly might work... Today - guess what I discovered the community theatre is doing next? Yup. Dolly... Rich says it doesn't matter - but I'd like to not overlap with them too much. So - we'll keep pondering an opening night several million light years away. :)

While Rich had all his business hoo-ha, I continued working on my plans. Here's a pic of them before they went into the computer - they are like six pieces of posterboard stuck together... kinda silly.


It took about an hour and a half each to get these things plugged into photoshop... but they are now... and they are super useful. I've already taken got the current paint colors of choice on one wall - and the wallpaper panels rendered in. And plugging in new colors is really easy. I even have the crappy green carpet going up the stairs that's gonna have to stick around for a while in the rendering. Now it's time to really knuckle down and make a final decision on these wallpaper panel/mirror groupings that we've tried like a zillion different configurations for. Allright... I'm tired... I KNOW that should have been "for which we have tried a zillion different configurations". :) One thing I have noticed here is that people's grammar - even in the most business oriented places is a tad wonky. It surprises me. I shall endeavor at all times to cling to the Queen's English! Anyway - tangent - so we can now really try and make progress on the foyer - and then actually do it. Rich has said he'll take it upon himself to read the concrete staining book (the plan for the foyer floor). This simply involves us FINDING the concrete staining book. As much as try to hold on to things, if you're used to life in a tiny NY apartment - when you end up with no structure, no storage areas set up and organized, living out of boxes half-unpacked, in a total of 10,000 square feet - every six seconds you put something down and then start screaming "Where the F*** did I put my keys/phone/book/pencil/dog???"

I finished a final draft for Natalie's sign today. She gave it the official stamp of approval. It has, as she likes to say, "The Wow Factor". Well, at least I hope it does... i'm sure i"ll know the wow factor when I see it. So now we just have to pick the exact width we want the thing and send it to the company online. So - giant stick-on-thingy, here we come.

Rich has started wearing his official Overtures Coffee Shop shirt TO WORK IN!!!! I was very perturbed. Admittedly we both felt when they arrived that the color brown of the background was way too dark... and therefore it was hard to read 'coffee house'. But they are still pretty darn it... grrr.

Tomorrow we are putting the joist in the bathroom - we were supposed to it today - but his meetings ran way too long. And I tried to go to HR Block to FINALLY get my taxes done... and....get this... my tax return crashed the system. Rich said it was because it was so pathetic that the computer rejected my income! Ha ha ha, it is to laugh. Anyway - seriously, the whole system got stuck and they asked me to come back next week... see people it's not ALL my fault :)

And - as promised - here are some pics of the progress in with the electric. You can see the newly studded walls in the kitchen/bathroom, and the electrical roughing here:



And here's a pic of the conduit going into the future laundry room/current bathroom o' yuck:


Ok.. no more conduit puns for at least a week. The electrician's are back tomorrow to finish up. We're joisting (I hope that's less messy than jousting - probably not). Where are the freakin' windows, already??? We need a kitchen SOON because this fridge is now freezing my entire container of milk SOLID. No kidding - I have to defrost it for an hour before I can get enough to drip out for a bowl of Fruit Loops. Of course I eat fruit loops... I'm a growing fruit :)

Aurevoir jojo.