A little light dusting...

Heeyyyyyy... before I get to fun-ness, I just wanna let y'all know that even WITH an extra week extension, there are only 100 seats left for the entire run of the Christmas show. Soooo if you haven't got your tickets yet, please call soon because they will be gone-o-rama. Don't say I didn't warn ya. I just finalized all the songs, and I'm really excited about the picks. So I'm over at the theatre ploughing through Sleepy Hollow (got about six pages done this morning - which is very reassuring), while they are over at the House (which shall, henceforth, be known as Grey Gardens (our second house with a musical theatre name). As of yesterday, they'd taken about six hundred trips to the dump (see, this was free dump week...once a year in Huntington you get to drop stuff at the dump for free... AND if have about 100 boxes and buckets of rubble (not exaggerating) this can be quite a price break. So all week they've been zooming back and forth to the dump with truck loads of plaster and lathe and gunk. They people at the dump love them... and even gave us a bag of the world famous caramels which are especially made by the dump-queen's mother for the Pioneer Festival (which is this weekend). Because there is so much to do on the house, etc, we AREN'T getting gussied up in our western finery this year and selling wreaths... but if any of you happen to have a hankering for a Janice wreath, just let us know we'll be happy to take you on a private tour of the current inventory. Anyway - dump dump dump. Caramel. Yuck yuck yuck YUM.

So now, with Bob here for the weekend, they have embarked up on major cleanup in the place. This morning they got a big ol' delivery from Lowes - two self-contained Shower stalls and a self-contained bath unit (no, this time we are NOT tiling the bathrooms). They hoisted them up on over the porth and got them in through the bathroom window apparently. Wish I'd been there to take pics... but here's their route... (and by the way - YES that weird corrugated green weird plasticness is going away). bathtub-in.jpg

And here they are waiting to be installed... STEP ONE - TURN THEM AROUND. bathroom.jpg

Anyway - With all of the rubble out of there, the place is looking really amazing. And with no walls in the way - it looks huge.... So - here's a little photographic update of the various rooms. MASTER BEDROOM FACING INTO WALK-IN CLOSET AREA. bedroom.jpg

GUEST ROOM guest-room.jpg


KITCHEN kitchen.jpg




And so now... let construction begin... rich-repair.jpg


And here is the room I told you I'm in love with - the attic that will eventually be our office... OOOOOoooooo attic1.jpg

And, sitting inside the dining room... here are the rolls and rolls and rolls of insulation that were also delivered, waitin' to be installed. insulation.jpg

There's only one room in the whole place that they haven't gutted - the entrance and front staircase. It's got so much woodwork etc. that they thought we'd leave it be for now and tackle that once the other stuff is taken care of... only-original.jpg

Okay - I'm goin' back to work now. xo JOJO.