It's about time.

Ok - sorry I've disappeared off the face of the earth. We were travelling hither and yon AND I've been battling for wayyyy to long the same killer martian death flu that I had at the end of the summer shows - so that's had me down for the count more often than not. Well we said goodbye to the our chillen :( the-kids.jpg

Only after they received their official closing night gifty - Huntington Theater messenger bags (for them to take to auditions where other actors will go "excuse me... what's the Huntington Theater" and then they will say "Only the coooolest theater in the universe"). Or something like that.


I also forgot to show you the hysterical ice cream cake Nathan got for them all on the last night of the shows... fired-cake.jpg

Now since the little ones have abandoned us we've already had some very exciting alumni news... Katie got cast in the national tour of Annie, and Angie just booked the national tour of Hairspray. If any of you wanna see Katie the show will be stopping at the Honeywell center in December - and we're realllly bummed that we are gonna be doing the Christmas show at the same time so we won't be able to go :( But hopefully we'll get to see her later than night.

So I'm gonna give you a photographic highlight of the time since we last spoke - so that you're in the loop.

So like I said - we've been traveling a lot - much to someone's chagrin... HELLLLOOOOOOO po-luggage.jpg

So - trip number one: We had never had a chance to visit Bob and Janice in Atlanta (Bob's time there is over in October), and the last time we wanted to come we had to cancel. So we jumped in Mr. Sparkle and drove and drove and drove until the climate significantly changed. But before we left we had to say goodbye to Rich's great nemesis... the LAMP POST. Rich has been campaigning move this thing (which blocks our marquee completely on one side) since we arrived - he thought that since the marquee was there first, the lampost was the one infringing. Rich hates this lampost more than I hate brussel sprouts. He has thought about everything short of renting a Mac truck and driving over it. When the City recently decided that they were going to repair all the sidewalks on Jefferson St. Rich leapt into action and suggested it was the perfect time to move that pesky lamppost. And it WORKED!


Right before we left we managed to post all the audition stuff for the Xmas show - so while we were gone I was sifting through about 350 (literally) submissions for our four slots... but we did have time for a little sightseeing and fun.



We visited the Atlanta Zoo... atlanta-zoo.jpg

Which is most noteworthy for the fact that it has like four pandas... that are awesome. And, being that they are lumbering solitary grumpy creatures that nevertheless seem soft and cuddly, Mr. Najuch earned a new nickname.

JO JO IS 'THE LION KING'. joel-lions.jpg

The South also seemed to be a tourist destination highly popular with goofy hats... I-GUANA BUY THIS zoo-hat.jpg

DUMBO, MEET DUMBO flying-elephant-hat.jpg

The most upsetting thing about the trip was that we weren't allowed to take pictures in my favorite place of all... The PUPPET MUSEUM. Which, if you're ever in Atlanta, is pretty darn fun. We got to see Madame (of Wayland Flowers) and amazing puppets from all over the world... but especially a huge Jim Henson exhibit with the Swedish Chef, and Ernie, and Fraggles, and Emmet Otter and all kinda cool stuff. They also had an amazing gift shop at which I easily could have spent about a zillion dollars - but instead I exhibited remarkable self control and ended up purchasing my new favorite thing EVER... the instant puppet...

TALK TO THE HAND puppet-eyes.jpg

They are called Peepers - it's a set of eyes that just slip over your finger. And they provided never-ending fun while you're driving for hours and hours and hours in the passenger seat saying "are we there yet?" "are we there yet?" "are we there yet"? etc. I suggest you buy a pair right now.

We did a quick stop at Stone Mountain - which I did not realize was started before Mount Rushmore by the same sculptor (who got fired from Stone Mountain early in the process)... stone-mountain.jpg

And then on our last two days, before starting the drive back to Huntington we spent a day at Chatanooga. The Aquarium there is amazzzing with the most incredible penguin exhibit I've ever seen. Like this is a picture of it... penguins94_full.jpg

Plus they have all kinds of stuff you can pet, like Manta Rays...


The freakiest critter I've ever seen...Ever... weirdest-thing-ever.jpg

Like - this is seriously got to be a cousin of the brontasaurus? Right? I mean... eep.

chatanooga-aquarium.jpg Even the outside of the museum is nifty...


Then of course we visited the Choo Choo... which is a really great spot, but needs a lick of paint and a little update...



They did have a nifty neon sign that I envied... choo-choo-light.jpg

They had a model train museum with possibly the strangest art work ever...


And last stop before the trip was over was Ruby Falls and Caves. The caves were not all that great - very very damaged...but the waterfall inside the cave...AMAZING: p72796-chattanooga-ruby_falls.jpg

And no, the picture I took of it didn't look nearly that good :( miners-helmet.jpg

And then, bidding Bob goodbye, Janice Rich and I got back in Mr. Sparkle (Mr. Sparkle has logged some serious miles this month) and headed back to Hoosierville. BUT on our way home, we made a Jo Jo requested pit stop. On our way to Atlanta, we had passed a billboard that said "Church Chairs" - and I had gotten online while we were driving, looked at their website, and thought maybe we should check it out - since we were going to be in the market for chairs for the table seating section of the we would love to upgrade the seats in the Supper Club to something a little more comfy as soon as we can afford to. So - for once, a Jo Jo detour was a gigantinormous success. Janice, for some reason, did not realize that this place was NOT named after a dude named Mr. Church. They specialize in seating for...yup...churches. But they have great styles and they are really wonderful for upscale restaurant chairs, an incredible price, and they had stuff that we really were excited about. PLUS they offered to send us two free samples - one with the model and upholstery we wanted for the theatre, and one for the Supper Club. So - next time you are passing by our box office, come on in and sit your butt down in a church chair and tell us what you think.

And then we hit New York for our auditions... More about that tomorrow!

- J