Houseketeers. Aug 18, 07.

So - actually mouseketeers would have worked for this blog too - because I just received my new mac mouse. The last one died and the roller didn't scroll any more... and YES I tried cleaning the darn thing. According to a whole bunch of reviews online they are crappy and die after a couple months - so hopefully those mac people addressed the problem and the new one will be better. If not - I'm keeping the warrantee very close at hand :) Anyway. We bought a house. Yup. We decided to go with their counter offer of $8,900 after Bob gave the place a good looking over and pronounced it 'pretty darn good for the money'. Especially when you consider the place was sold for $40,000 four years ago. I don't have any pics of the inside yet... and it does need a lot of love. But nothing that drywall, joint compound, paint and a few grenades can't fix :) It's basically going to need the same kind of makeover the storefront got - cosmetic not structural. Which we can certainly do... and for not a lot of money. And then we'll be able to house 12 people in it during the season. Yeehaw. We're gonna attack the second storey apt first - then rent it out (possibly to a couple kids at the university if we can find them) and then we'll attack the first floor. And then Rich and i will clone ourselves and Bob so we can get all these things done before we're eighty! But, seriously... we got this house for an amazing price... and if you consider it would cost at least $25 per night to house an actor at hotel MINIMUM - this is going to pay for itself very quickly. And the sooner we bought somewhere - the sooner we can put tenants in and have the place paying it's own way. So - all our housing needs aren't met - but we've crossed a chunk of them off our list. And it's a big step... having a theatre means nothing if we haven't got anywhere for the talent to stay. It's like having an IHOP with no syrup. Or something. So here's a pic of the exterior. Note the brand new siding. Ooooo Aaaahhh.


Today the boys got dirtier than they might have ever been in their lives. They were brave enough to dive into the seventh pit of hell you've all come to know as the scary cardboard room. Now that the cardboard was out there was a whole lot of grime and goo and crap and dirt that needed to be cleared out of there. There's also a big giant metal thing - but that's gonna be attacked another day. Anyway - they dragged out like sixty five thousand nasty mouldy seat-parts and lots of other stuff that has to go to the dump and smelled like it had already gotten there. I didn't get to take any pics because it was really not fun and they didn't want me bouncing around like Annie Liebowitz... but I did get a picture of Bob HALF WAY through the process. Sadly all the chimney sweeps have already been cast in Mary Poppins, or he would have been a shoe-in.


Janice and I, solo... yes people, solo... finished the closet. I used the drill, the studfinder, the level, the t square - you name it. I'm practically an Amish Barn Raiser. Well, not quite... and I don't think the Amish use a Black and Decker stud-finder that beeps with an LED. But we were very proud of ourselves. The shelves are straight and sturdy... and the shoe rack...holds shoes. So it was a job well done. The closet is not spacious - but it certainly holds a heap of clothes on lots of racks and all our clothes seem to fit quite nicely. We just can't play racket-ball in there or anything. Who cares - it's a really nice closet. Janice thinks we need another one though - but we have a nifty new plan for a linen closet in the bathroom that will utilize a sort of dead space by poking into Rich's office area. And who can resist poking into Rich's areas.

I forgot to mention yesterday (and was admonished for not doing so) that Janice brought us major comfort food for dinner last night. She brought a sandwich toaster machine all the way from Ohio and we had grilled ham and cheese that were sooo good. And brownies. And today it was chicken and stuffing. Extreme yummyness was experienced by all. Sorry for neglecting to mention our dietary bliss.

Now - to the MAJOR news of the day (oh yeah... other than buying a freakin' house)... the PLUMBER came. We have roughed in plumbing for... You guessed it a BATHROOM. I'm so excited I could pee. But not yet. Well - not THERE yet. I have to hold it for another week or two. But we can now start building the platform up to install the bathtub and the toilet and the vanity and the wall that half-wall that houses the shower area. Keith the plumber and his assistant were awesome and did a great job (not that we would probably be able to ascertain what a crappy job looked like... but they are pipes and they look like they'll hold water. Nuff said) and spent the whole morning and afternoon here. We discovered something so cute... they use red and blue hoses to connect the hot and cold water so they know which is which. We all thought that was kind of clever. Here... see....


He also installed a utility sink which is great. It's really deep and wide and has a hose thing so that you can get the jet of water deep into paint buckets and stuff. So now I actually have to clean my rollers rather than having a good excuse to dump them. Shit.

We rounded out the evening by a trip to (three guesses?) Lowes. We bought a GIGANTIC 24 foot ladder for the boys to start doing some more work in cardboard death pit and we bought the water heater for bathroom so the electrician and Keith can get that puppy hooked up too.

Oh, Janice also brought Po a stuffed Pluto chew toy with a tennis ball and rope attached. She'd give it two thumbs up... except she has no thumbs.

Busy busy bees. BTW this is my SIXTIETH blog posting... and we've had 54 comments. So - true believers... thanks for sticking in there. Hopefully we'll only get bigger and better with age. Well - not bigger... I need to lose weight after all those brownies.

That's all folks, JO JO.