Well - I had an incredibly motivated day yesterday, crossing lots of stuff of the list. And today... I'm sort of staring at the computer screen like a lettuce and feeling like I should just crawl under the covers and spend some quality time with a wiener dog. So - I'm gonna try and talk to you at the same time! Well - the chillen are all gone. Packed up, dropped at the airport... adios.


It was an incredible summer, an exhausting one, and I think a few of us made only by the hair of our chinny chin chin... so it's a good thing it's time for a break. Of sorts.

I'm just gonna try and share a few highlights of the sixties show with you...


The last week of the run we were sold-out to the gills. It was really great and the audiences were fabulous... people just loved the show so much, so I've officially been convinced that next year we probably WILL do a seventies show (Largely because it means we get to do Proud Mary!). We had one particularly entertaining ticket phone call. One woman called the box office and said she wanted tickets "for Petula Clark and Neil Diamond". She thought that Petula Clark and Neil Diamond were performing TOGETHER at the Supper Club. AND that tickets were only 40 bucks. WITH dinner. My answer was... wherever that's happening I wanna go! :)

We discovered that it's probably time to retire the onstage stools. They've had a good run, but, PARTICULARLY with the girls mini-skirts, they seem to be getting rough and literally decimating panty hose. The girls were lucky if they could get two shows out of a pair before their hose looked like some kind of basket weaving modern art. So they are either gonna have to be seriously sanded, or we'll have to trade them out for some new ones.

In other news... There is a new very large billboard heading to Fort Wayne which features a crying woman and the caption is "IS PORN THE OTHER WOMAN?".


Apparently not only do these people have enough money to ask us this question on a very expensive billboard (when we priced out billboards on the same strip they were $500 bucks a month - think how many children Sally Struthers could feed...), THEY ALSO can afford to have it double sided for twice the price. So you see it coming from both sides of the high way. Which, in one of Janice's finest sixties show moments, prompted her to sing... "I've looked at porn from both sides now". Pretty darn funny.


During the sixties show I would tell a story about Johnny Cash. After he heard June Carter Cash's song, 'Ring of Fire' he had a dream about it being accompanied by Mexican Horns. One night, however while I was telling this story, I didn't articulate the N at the end of Horns... so I told the audience that he had a dream about Mexican Whores. Nice. The good news was that I ended up telling THAT story every night after the other story, and it got a pretty good laugh.


Poor Carl had a heck of time with his songs. Ring of Fire, Pretty Woman and It's Not Unusual are all kind of just loops... there's no real story, and they just kind of go verse/chorus/verse/chorus.. and it's really easy to get LOST. So one night he does the best job he's ever done with Ring of Fire... it was fabulous. And he's feeling really good and getting into it... and doesn't realize the song is over. So just as the big finish hits, he goes "I...." and is just left hanging. It was pretty darn funny. Or at least I thought, until something way worse happened to me... but we'll get to that.


One of the most fun nights we had was a group of ladies which came all the way from Ohio in a gaggle. They are a bunch of ladies that Janice golfs with in Marblehead. They all came together for a weekend of golfing and to see the show. One great piece of news was that the golf courses, according to Janice, in the area are really primo. Which means we can try and package other groups like that who can see a show and golf for the weekend. They had a blast and said they wanna come back for the Christmas show.

The big drinks of the summer definitely turned out to be Bellinis which will stay on the menu permanently AND the sixties 'Bubble Gum Martini'. I never tried one, but they sure smelled just like Bazooka. There was actually a week during the sixties run when Janice was back in Atlanta. So I got to be Bartenders assistant for the first time. I actually really enjoyed it. It got my mind off of getting nervous before the show... and I learned how to make a few mixed drinks, bellinis and some other stuff too. This may not seem like a big deal to you - but since I don't drink, this stuff is complicated.

It's also toward the end of the summer when we tape all the shows during the day without an audience so I can get closeups etc. For some reason this was not easy to accomplish this time... We managed to get two of out of three in the bag, but THEN, getting the last one taped (which happened to be the Italian show) turned out to be quite the nightmare. We made FOUR attempts at it. We finally found a day when it would work, which happened to be my birthday, the actors were all dressed in their duds... and THEN they started construction on the sidewalks right outside. We were supposed to get a warning about when they were going to be digging up the road...but apparently not. So everybody had just done their hair and makeup we were all set up and the camera was rolling and then the jack hammer started. OOPs. So we rescheduled. We were running out of days but we figured we could tech the 'best of show' while all that noise was going on, and then tape the day we had planned on doing the tech. Sounds easy. But none of us had counted on... EVIL DEATH COLD FROM MARS... It hit Carl and I at the exact same time - but it was way worse for Carl. Cuz he had to sing and sing and sing and sing. It hit the last day of the sixties show, which is when we were scheduled to tape the Italian show as well during the day. The poor guy just had no voice. He was just devastated and so upset. So - we uprooted our plans, and rescheduled the taping for the next day, hoping that he might be all right. Nathan and I took him to the RediMed clinic and they were really wonderful. They gave him antibiotics and something really strong to help him get through the show that night - and, thank heavens, it worked. It was kind of incredible. Carl was so happy to be able to get through it at least - and he sounded fantastic.


Anyway - like I said, my birthday fell during the shows. We had a show that night (and were scheduled to record as well) but I had a really nice day. It started in the best of all possible manners - WITH DEBBIE DYER FOOD!! Debbie, continuing to vie for 'nicest person on the planet' brought me BREAKFAST for my birthday. She brought her (in)famous French toast with Praline syrup AND sausage. It was insanity. FOOD TO DYER FOR french-toast-from-debbie.jpg

Yup, she even brought be birthday plates! And, by the way - that picture demonstrates what debbie considers to be 'French toast for three people!". I was so happy that I'd been really good about doing cardio all week so that I didn't feel guilty diving into this crispy amazingness. The kids all had got me some really fun little gifties... A ping pong ball gun so I can shoot it at Tim (we have a hard time getting his attention when he's got his headphones on, so Angie figured this would be a dandy solution), a horse on a stick, a tiara, and Hannah Montana hair extensions... (so I wouldn't be jealous of Jill and Carl for having wigs). Together they added up to the scariest publicity photo for the worlds worst production of 'Annie Get Your Gun':


Is it just me or do I look like boy george with that hair? Carl got me a koosh ball to remember him buy. The resemblence is kind of staggering: carl-and-koosh.jpg

From Bob and Janice I got a MUCH needed massage at Dyer Chiropractic, which I can't wait to cash in on... especially since my back really took a beating during the last weekend of shows. Rich got me our very own DVR (like a tivo) for the bedroom. See we have one in the living room... but since Janice pretty much is sleeping in there most of the time, she has her shows on there AND the only time I get to watch tv (at night) is when she's usually sleeping with the sofa bed pulled out. So this was pretty darn fabulous as gifts go. I'm sooo psyched. My parents had a cake ordered for me from Brocks Cakery... (same place as Carl's dad had ordered his cake...cuz i loved how it tasted so much)... of course, I dictated what it should say on it!


Yup..control freak, party of one. OMG the cake was sooooo good. Including the smiley faces... nathan-smiley-face.jpg

Speaking of hair extensions... one night Jill managed to coerce a certain someone else into trying on her hair... marge-hair.jpg

The crazy thing is she look soooo much like her girls with her hair like this. It was freaky. I think Larry wanted her to take them home for a little 'flashback'...

Soon it was time for the final sixties show...


and the final sixties meal... and the last group meal of the summer:



I think Rich is going to really miss the patented mixture of orzo and chicken pot pie filling which he invented. It was, I must say, pretty darn yummy.

in the middle of it all, The Pack Leader finally buckled down and ordered his new tables that he had been Jonesing over. See we had various tables of various widths... so they couldn't all be put together to make larger sizes. These now mean that the two-tops are the same width as the four-tops which gives him a huge amount more flexibility. Yay. He loves them... and they are pretty sexy if I do say so myself. new-tables.jpg

In addition to Margaret now helping us out with Group Sales (she's got great ideas) we now have one of our servers, Eva, working with us during the day part time. OMG it's a total godsend. She is doing data entry (stuff like the fifty million new mailing list forms we have from the shows), and she's learning how to do ticket orders and all kind of stuff that previously was always done by the two of us. It just frees up Rich to do more renovation stuff - and it's been amazing. And Po thinks she's ok too. In fact she apparently finds us fairly interchangeable :( PO UPGRADES...



They also put together the new desk for the box office - where Eva spends a lot of her time during the day (leaping out onto the street to charm passers by who stop and read our posters!)...


Yay we're not sure what that hole in the front does either. Rich is workin' on it. :)

Well - that seems like a heap of stuff. So - I'll catch ya up on the Best of Show and what's been going on in a day or two... xoxoox