Best of the Best

Hey there bloggies... I'm workin' on a new blog as we speak, but I wanted to let you know something so nobody got mad at me! On August 17th we are doing a 'Best of" show as a fundraiser for the local Arts Council. All the proceeds go towards bringing arts education to the schools - so it's a great cause. We'll be doing songs from all three Summer shows, plus Jill is gonna do a couple Judy Garland numbers as well. And I'm doing an all new script with additional goofy facts as well as 'behind the scenes' stories about the rehearsals. It's going to be a great night for a great cause. So if you haven't caught any of the shows this season... OR you've got a friend never been able to come, this is a great way to support the arts and check out the Supper Club. There are only eleven tickets left... so help us sell it out! The Arts Council is handling all the tickets... so if you're interested, contact the adorable Debbie Dyer at for tix.


xoxoxo JoJo