The Pick Up Artist.

Big Red So - we made our first gigantic purchase. Ok - other than the REALLY gigantic purchase of the building. We purchased a 2007 Chevy Colorado pick up truck. Rich has never really owned a car - and I've never even driven outside of Bermuda (other side of the road... steering wheel on the right...speed limit 20 miles an hour) so this is a big deal. It's really comfy and I kind of love it. It's dark red and very sparkly in the sun. We are hitting the DMV on Saturday so that Rich can swap over his NY license for an Indiana one and i can get my Indiana learners permit... we both have to take the written test so you're not allowed to start a betting pool for who gets the best score!

We do the tour of the building at 8:00am on Friday and sign the closing paperwork right after... and we move in the apartment that afternoon. It seems to be galloping towards us like that boulder in Indiana Jones (Indiana - gettit) - although, can boulders gallop? Tumbling... it's tumbling.

We're also sorting insurance etc. (be 'we' - i mean the Producing Director, Pack Leader, and Brains of the Operation: Rich.) Because if it's one thing that we can all agree that Rich will need to get through this experience with me... it's prescription drugs.

The weiner dog is adapting very nicely to the regionals. She was happy as a clam driving twelve hours and needed to stop to pee far less than I did.

Oh - Rich and his mom, while they were in NH last weekend before the big move, managed to find a Home Depot which had lost it's lease and was LIQUIDATING (30-50% off everything). So they bought the store. Well - almost... big, manly tools; lighting fixtures for the foyer; fuse boxes etc. etc. We saved over $2,000 on stuff we were going to need right away anyways. So - I'm taking it as an omen that, someday soon, God wants every Hoosier to have the chance to see 'Cats'.

On a side note - after our initial announcement email went out, the response has been so overwhelming. So many wonderful people offered their support, love and talent without reservation. So many people say that our madcap adventure is inspiring - and we just want you all to know that it is all of your talent and creativity that has inspired US to want to build a place where you will want to visit, create, and share.

Vroom, vroom,