Puttin' on the...Bump It?

Howdy.Well - we made it. The final show is open. We are groovin' our way through the sixties and it was a heck of a ride to get there. By FARRRR the toughest show we've ever tried to put together here... The real reason being that all of these songs have 'backup' singers... so with one exception ('both sides now') there isn't A SINGLE actual solo in the whole show. PLUS we have more medleys than we've ever done (paging the idiot who's idea that was.... oh, yeah. Me.) PLUS the infamous sixties TV medley - which I'll tell you about.

Rehearsing the show at the same time as performing the Berlin show was also a freakin' nightmare. Because the Berlin show required Jill to belt her face of most of the time for one...but also everyone was singing so much during the day for sixties rehearsal (because they were all IN every number) that it was really rough on their vocal stamina. The week before the last show opens is always the toughest (once the third is open they get days off and get to rest) - but tensions are high... everyone's exhausted... and it just seemed like we were never gonna get through it all. In fact at some point in the week every single one of us took turns having crying nervous breakdowns - with the exception of Jordan. And, since he's a musical cyborg with the brain capacity of NASA he doesn't count as human. :) In fact - as you can see when everyone else was tearing their hair out - he remained pretty relaxed...



I also, thanks to my overzealous athleticism during my Berlin-show song have managed to exhaust my back. Really what's killin' me is just sitting every night for two and half hours... but the end is near, and good old Dr. Derek has been keeping me functional.

We have had some nifty adventures since we last spoke. We had a luncheon for a gaggle of red hatters during the Berlin show. The kids performed three songs for them and they had lunch. This would normally be a breeze. No problem. I say this... because normally Rich would do it all. And Janice would help. This time... NO Rich. NO Janice. Just me. There is a reason why I don't really do much with the serving - because it causes me to go into cardiac arrest. Anyway - Thank goodness Nathan decided to stick around because he managed to stop me from having a total panic attack and hiding downstairs behind the soda machine. I've just never waited tables - so I have no 'game'. None. Rich told me everything would be set up and I'd just have to serve... but as I'm passing out the plates we realize we have no napkins or silverware - so Nathan is back in the kitchen doing some kind of Laverne and Shirley routine trying to get everything together for me. One lady made a perfectly reasonable request - a cup of hot water. I knew how to make coffee - but no idea where the heck we would get hot water from... so I ran into the kitchen with a mug and said to nathan - just microwave this. Then he comes back (I don't know if he at this point was Lucy or Ethel) and said "I can't microwave it - the mugs have a metal rim... it started sparking like the fourth of july!". So we end up pouring water into two of the things we normally serve creamer in (because EVERYTHING we use has a metal rim) - microwaving THAT and THEN pouring that into the coffee mug. Another woman requested 'half regular half diet soda'...which made me rather stressed out when i attempted to give her a refill.

As they were leaving, one of the red haters asked me if the sixties show would be appropriate for a Sunday School party. I was like "um... you mean like five year-olds?". She looked at me as if I had three heads and said "No... My age". I'm never sure if ANYTHING I do is appropriate for a Sunday School party... so I said "sure?".

I had a couple of rehearsal pics of Jill and Jordan that never got posted - and I think they are really cute. These are from the tech... youre-just-in-love.jpg


In the middle of the Berlin show, Jill had a costume malfunction. Luckily it was backstage rather than onstage. Her cute sparkly black dress broke... the zipper just jammed and Carl, Jordan and I (yes pretty much all working together) couldn't get it to unhitch. This was, of course, about fifteen minutes before the show was about to start. Nathan rushed Jill back to the house and she grabbed the only other black dress which she had. Which is one that Margaret's daughter Abby had actually given her - because Abby said she would never have any place to wear it. Now this is not at all true.... IF Abby had regularly been appearing onstage as a toreador strumpet in the Dorothy Hammill's "Carmen on Ice". This dress made most Vegas showgirl costumes look subtle. The hysterical thing was that we had been concerned (before the malfunction) that Jill's dress was more sparkly than Angie's...



but we all really liked it because during God Bless America the little sparkly things turned red white and blue when the lights hit it. However - THIS DRESS... basically any one else in the cast could have been attacked my a rabid gang of bedazzlers and they wouldn't have had a prayer.

JILL: DO I BLEND IN? jill-sparkly.jpg

I was hoping for something a little more subtle. For instance... cher-oscars_l.jpg


So the next night (after we had recovered from 'sequin-glare-blindness') Angie lent Jill an extra black dress she had bought as an option when she was in Indianapolis. Nathan took Jill's dress to the drycleaner for emergency repair on a rush order... which was supposed to be finished about two weeks ago. And we just got it back. Ah, well.

The matinee for the sixties show was HUGE - 50 people (and the matinees are just us...no servers). We served cupcakes - which were really tasty, except I think some of the seniors were juggling them or something because a whole lot of icing ended up on the carpet. But if you invite those fiesty golden-girls out for a day's fun... you have to be ready for a cupcake fight, I guess?

Figuring out the boys costumes for the sixties show was kind of a nightmare. Jordan, actually had a suit of his Dad's FROM the sixties - so that was pretty much a no-brainer. jordan-sixties-backstage.jpg Then Nathan the whiz-kid started rooting around the internet and he found a site that specialized in vintage wear and we picked a suit and ordered it. Well - it arrived about two days before the show opened and looked great. Except. The pants and the jacket didn't match (which we knew - but they REALLY didn't compliment each other) AND the jacket sleeves were way to short for Carl (which we couldn't have known from the info on the site) and there wasn't any way they could be lengthened. Arghggh. So at 10:00am Rich and Carl went on an emergency mission to Fort Wayne to try and find him a sixties looking suit. Good luck, right. They hit Goodwill. Nothing. Kohls. Nothing. Macy's nothing. JosA Banks nothing. Finally they went to Burlington Coat factory and produced a miracle and the suit was fabulous.

I also managed to order a groovy tie. joel-groovy-tie.jpg Literally - I searched 'groovy tie' on the internet. I kind of love it...but if you had asked me two years ago if I would be wearing a suit every day I would have laughed at you. If you had told me I'd be wearing a suit every day and THIS tie I probably would have had you committed. Ah, well - the turns life takes! Rich, of course, likes to maintain a little more understated of an appearance, but I still managed to find him a tie that just arrived and it's super cute.

The girls hair was ALSO mega drama because Margaret has been away for like EVER. She was gone for almost a month helping Claire with some giant gig (they were reuphoulstering Tara or something) and so the girls had to figure it out themselves. Angie went on a nation-wide search for a device called a Bump it.

And magically it allows Angie to turn her hair into THIS: bump-it.jpg

It really is about the cutest thing ever. When this thing was described to me I assumed it was like a foam roller you stuck in your head.... but nope... this is what they look like: bump-it1.jpg As I discovered when I thought it would be fun to squish Angies head. Oops. Ow.

Ok. I've gotta get some work done... but I'll write more tomorrow and get you all caught up. xo me.