From Italy to Berlin...

OK, Back to real time. The Italian show is all done now. We have several repeat parent visits - and they thought the show got better and better...and Carl's friends drove 11 hours from New Jersey - nonstop - to come visit him. With his belated birthday present which Mr. Hulden had been waiting patiently for...and waiting... and waiting :) IS IT HERE YET? carl-pensive.jpg

So we've had a steady turnstile of loved ones checkin' out the place. The hysterical thing is that we repeatedly hear parents say "It's so much BETTER than I thought it was going to be". As if they could imagine a show done in a lobby where the actors share a dressing room with a wiener dog could EVER be anything less than first class?

Now, before we get caught up in the preparations for the Berlin show I wanted to share two rehearsal videos with you:

They're doing pretty great, huh? :)


Getting the Berlin show ready was actually tougher than I would have imagined. And trying to tech the show at the same time as you're playing the other show at night isn't too much of a gas... it makes everyone a little tired and spacey. But we soldiered through...



I guess I thought that since so many of the songs are standard that it would be a straightforward road....but actually lot of Irving Berlin's songs (because they were written as stand-alone songs) can be a challenge to act. And, particularly, since he wrote for such huge personalities - like Merman and Marilyn Monroe - you really have attack the songs - or you just end up being swallowed by blandness. But we got there - after a slightly crazy tech (but Rich's lights look even better than ever)...


and the people who said the Italian show was our best one yet are saying they loved this one even more. Which is delightful. And everyone looks very very fetching in their tuxes and little black dresses.


Since we last spoke it's also been Fourth of July. Sadly the weather was pretty darn crappy over here in Hoosier land - but the annual Pegan-Fourth-Fest still raged strong and we all huddled under sporadically placed tents pretending the rain wasn't there while we gorged ourselves on Eckert food-galore. fourth-rain.jpg


I managed this year (largely because I had to leave early to come home and write the Berlin script) to NOT consume eight different kinds of cake like I did last year. Yes. Eight. I'm very proud. And facts like that are why sights like this make me want to murder Jordan...


Yes. Let's pause and enjoy the site of Jordan drinking a SLIM FAST. Because he's trying to GAIN WEIGHT. Don't worry - I'll hold him down while we all strangle him in jealousy.

Of course - when we went to brunch the boys eat much more sensibly than that. For instance, Carl's fascinating combined entree of ice cream, cake and hashbrowns...


We had our Berlin matinee on Saturday and it was insanity. Janice wasn't here - I was supposed to help Rich, but at the last minute we realized that the boys tux shirts hadn't been ironed... so I had to do that and THEN go over notes with them... which meant Rich was all alone (we don't have waitresses for the matinees) serving forty eight people. Which was the biggest matinee crowd we ever had... it was half nuns and half red hats. I'm not kidding. And the nuns kept ordering things and then forgetting what they ordered... and Rich was trying to take 48 people's drink orders. It was really like a bad I love Lucy episode except it had all the insanity and none of the humor. And then once we got started...Poor little Jordan and Carl had to stand up and do "Pack Up Your Sins And Go To the Devil" afraid at first that the nuns might exorcise them or somethin.' And, as a sidebar, I miss nuns with habits. These incognito plain-clothes nuns are just not the same. And if they don't have the wimple how do they FLY?????


I'm typing this while the kids are learning acapella versions of Lion Sleeps Tonight and Stand By Me.


I'm really excited about this show...but it's a crap load of work. Soooo many of these songs have backup - there are only like three songs in the entire evening that everyone isn't involved in somehow. Eeep. It also involves collating about eighty zillion pieces of music which Nathan just loves... MY SHIRT SAYS EIGHTY ONE BECAUSE THAT'S THE NUMBER OF TIMES I'VE HAD TO CLIMB THE STAIRS TO REVISIT THE FREAKIN' COPIER TODAY. dscn0983.jpg

Now meanwhile the Najuch's have been busy beavers ripping down walls at the new house. They have apparently filled the garage with 80 boxes of rubble. Yup 80 boxes. They are waiting until free dump days or whatever because 80 boxes of rubble can be expensive to get rid of. Now this destruction has already proved very useful. Remember that air rifle we found between walls in the kitchen... well guess what Jill uses for Ya Can't Get a Man With a Gun.

Ok. At least we've touched base. I'll try and get to you sooner next time. Okay????

xo JoJo.