Bits n' Pieces.

Howdy kids.Well I would like to congratulate you on the power of the blog. Margaret has people calling her about her freakin' kayak. People who apparently read the blog. And need a kayak. So, now Margaret is all sucky-uppy trying to get me to blog more about her sale. Well... Rich has been over there most of the day helpin' her set the thing up, so I'm assuming there are some amahhhzing goodies. And Margaret promised me that if I blogged about it she would make me a texas sheet cake. Ok she didn't. But now she has :) Ha ha!

I helped out a little too and snapped some pics... The amount of plants is just mind boggling - there are like seven full truck loads of them...

PLANTS N PLANTS dscn0865.jpg


Plus all the lawn furniture she's selling: dscn0867.jpg

And the carpets... and this garden bench thing which I kind of covet...If i had a lawn. dscn0873.jpg

And this ottomon - which we both kind of covet... dscn0874.jpg

vaccuum sweepers by the gaggle... THIS GARAGE SALE REALLY SUCKS dscn0876.jpg

And did I mention a kayak? dscn0870.jpg

Plus a priceless collection of Victorian kiddie porn?... something for everbody! dscn0875.jpg

We finally seduced Jean Anne into checking out the Honeywell Center brunch with us.

dscn0833.jpg They raised the price a dollar (BLAST!) but it's still only 10 bucks for like the most amazing brunch in a 2 million mile radius. This time I had a definite plan however. See I always eat too much stuff for Brunch and then I don't have room to try all the desserts. Sooooo...this time I had a brilliant strategy. Desserts first.

DESSERT OASIS dessert-brunch.jpg

By the way - we have never discussed how stressed out I get about the difference between spelling the big sandy thing and the gooey fattening thing. It always causes a minor brain melt down. Anyhoo... You see in the plate above you a turtle brownie (superb), lemon bar (mega yum) something forgettable (see I forgot what it was) and, of course, the bread pudding with whisky sauce. Apparently everyone has vetoed my bread pudding suggestion as an Irving Berlin show dessert. So I strongly encourage all you bread pudding fans to write your congressman, pack leader, start a protest and apparently Mia Farrow will be doing a hunger strike in support of my cause. And frankly, if you don't like bread pudding - have enough of that whisky sauce and you'll forget you DIDN'T like it.

After brunch Kenny and Jean Anne and Rich and I decided to go explore the Charlie Creek gardens which Kenny had never seen and, after apparently being abducted by aliens, was quite excited about exploring. So they drove over there in Kenny's clunker... corvette.jpg

Which he actually asked if I would like to drive... jojo-corvette.jpg

Asking me if I want to drive your corvette is about as safe as asking Ray Charles if he would perform your appendectomy. I declined. After Jean Anne threw herself in front of the vehicle screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. She taught me to drive. She knows my limits.

Charlie Creek gardens are really beautiful - they have a meadow and a waterfalls and all kinds of purty green stuff... charlie-creek.jpg

Including a greenhouse my mom would kill for... greenhouse.jpg

And this fun labyrinth thing which Rich was determined to follow entirely without crossing any lines. labyrinth.jpg

The bizarre thing about Charlie Creek Gardens is that it that it's attached to Richard Fords property. Or it is Richard's proprety and it's open to the public. Or whatever. Anyway - I thought it was odd to be in a friends backyard and not say Howdy... So i called richard and said... "um - hey. This is joel. I'm in your back yard." At no point did Richard say "Why?". He just invited us over...So we hung out with Richard for a while which was nifty surprise.

Well - not that much has been knocked down or ripped apart or nailed together this week... but that's because we've had one event after another. It's actually been quite nice - and having events at the theatre is also a wonderful little bonus way that people help contribute to the renovations - so it's all good.

The first one of the week was a Red Hat group for Wabash. We love the red hats soooo much because a) red hats love theatre trips and b) well they are just inherently goofy. And they love that they are goofy. So we get on well together. These Wabash redhats were quite subdued in their accoutrement. There were no sequined plungers... it was kind of the DKNY version of red and purple feathers. But they were delightful, and Rich and I were the waiters (during which I panicked about how to serve coffee because I've never done that before... I's the little things that cause Jo Jo to melt down) and then we talked to them about the theatre and they were a great crowd and a bunch of them are comin' to the sixties show...which is selling pretty darn quickly, I'm happy to say. I actually got some nice pictures... I've been making a real effort to try and get pictures of the lobby with folks in it, because Rich is in the process of building a brand new sexy Supper Club website, and we need images... and the red hats are so colorful and fun I was thrilled that I got a few decent pics...

BETTER RED THAN DEAD red-hats-3.jpg

PURPLE REIGN red-hats-5.jpg


So - we did the Red Hats. The next DAY Karen Parker (cougar hairdresser extraordinaire), who has always been a big supporter, had a group arranged for an event to celebrate a scholarship program for disabled youngsters. I was feeling really under the weather (thanks to a hefty bout of antibiotics I'm now a lot more functional that I was a few days ago), so I helped Rich set up the room and everything and then came upstairs and collapsed. Cindy was on hand - and really, one Cindy is worth about forty Jo Jo's when it comes to serving food. And childbirth. She has me beat there too I guess. Karen was thrilled with how it all went - and she's bringin' a bridal shower or a baby shower or a meteor shower...not sure... sometime later this month. Yay.

Then we had a night off... and we hung out with our bud Derek. I had this completely mental idea... Derek has a dog that is larger Godzilla but since Po hasn't gotten to socialize much with other canines in Indiana I thought we could take her over for a play date, have pizza and Derek had just rented Benjamin Button. So - Guys night out. Or in. And po.

derek-and-hesburgh.jpg On paper this was a good idea. Ok - on paper it probably looked like a stupid idea as well. Anyhow. Po zooms into Dereks house, and despite a hefty walk before hand... poops. Like in four seconds. And then, I didn't think about the fact that we have pizza. Po likes pizza. So Po was less excited about hanging out with Hesburgh the giant dog than eating the pizza. Po would not notice Michael Jackson turning into a werewolf (or turning black even) if there was a pizza nearby. So we now have Po and giant dog interested in pizza while we are trying to watch Benjamin Button. Which is apparently a film in which every single actor was instructed to abandon any and all consonants and mumble. Just mumble. So we basically spent the evening with... arf arf pant mumble bark mumble pant pant mumble mumble.

But we had fun. po-n-hesburgh.jpg

In case you didn't know... and I didn't... Hesburgh was the first president of Notre Dame, hence Derek naming his dog Hesburgh. So I particularly like this picture of Hesburgh and Derek's slippers... hesburgh-and-slippers.jpg

I'm assuming when Derek has kids his first born child will be named Rudy. Even if it's a girl.

YESTERDAY in the morning my phone rings. I was in bed working on my laptop. Rich was in his office dressed not unlike this... rich-n-po.jpg Yes those are weiner dog boxers.

I am wearing... well not freakin' much kids. I grab the phone and Jean Anne says "The governors wife just left Nicks and she's walking over to your place - she wants to see the theatre." The walk from Nicks to the theatre is approximately seven seconds. The scene which took place in the next TEN seconds was pretty darn loony. Rich and I managed to throw on something that resembled clothing (he might have been wearing Homer Simpson pajamas...i'm not sure) as I hurtled downstairs in my pajama shirt and a pair of jeans I had jumped into faster than Batman changing while he's sliding down that pole in the sixties. And we gave the Governor's wife a tour. I hope she thought our hair was Robert Pattison inspired rather than... well... slept in. She was really nice, and said she'd like to come see a show this summer... so I'm glad we didn't just hide behind the door and pretend we weren't at home! Which for about one second of the ten during battlestations, was a distinct option.

Last night we were invited to be the speakers at the ABWA annual dinner. ABWA is the American Business Women's Association. Rich vetoed my idea to do a variation on the YMCA dance to ABWA - which I thought was completely fitting a formal event. There was only one microphone so luckily I managed to let Rich do most of the talking - not improvise - and stick my foot in my mouth as is wont to happen when we decide to 'wing it'. We were asked to speak by Marj Heiner - whos husbands name is Homer. Marj and Homer are pretty much the most extraordinary philanthropists in Huntington, Marj is like on every board of every committee on every organization from here to Pluto. Ok - Pluto too. And, just for the sake of full blog research I DID just (even though I confess I've wondered for two years now) check out if Matt Groening ever happened to live anywhere near Huntington Indiana.... and the answer is NOPE. In fact his parents were named Marge and Homer and his grandfathers name was also Abe. So it's all based on truth. Or, at least, I hope for Mr. Groening, not entirely.

Their big fundraiser of the year is a bratwurst tent which they do during the Heritage Days. And, since they are all busy business gals and didn't have time to do lots of little events during the year - this is their one big fundraiser. Eight tons of sausage sends kids to college. They call it the Brat Tent. As in 'you wanted sausage...we'll we Brat it". etc. I think they should print t shirts to raise money that say:


It's also the German culinary sequel to Bring it On.... "Brat-en". Etc.

Anyway - it's a great organization and this was their annual awards dinner and we were invited to be the keynote speakers. And it was fun. And I got cake. German chocolate cake in fact - which means Janice will now be very jealous. Marj's mom is a real hoot - she was at our table, and she's a great broad. Everyone was talking about the green beans that were with dinner... "oh aren't the green beans good". "Oh i love the green beans". "The green beans are delicious". And Marj says "Mother, do you like the beans" and Marj's mom says "Well I'm glad YOU like them." Hee hee.

We had a great big full page ad in Aboite and About (which is a free newspaper that in a nearby reason called "Aboite" (I really want to take 1,000 issues to canada and try and sell them there as "Aboot and Aboot"). It was a full color page - and half of the ad was done up as an article. You can buy a package where the paper will write an article for you - but you may have noticed I'm a control freak... so we opted to just do the whole page ourselves and provide the content. So I wrote a fun little article all about the shows, and there are color pictures and I figured out the font that the newspaper uses, and matched the font so it looks exactly like their editorial content. And people have been calling since it was published (it's a monthly publication) saying "We saw this wonderful ad on you in the paper"... which is great. The nice thing was is that the people AT the paper loved the article too and were really pleased with it. And then the bottom half of the page was a big season ad for the shows. It was kind of exciting - kind of like our first New York Times full page ad... except in Aboite. Hey, baby steps, people. ;)

We also had a great little article that we DIDN'T write in a paper in Bluffton - so ticket sales are going steadily (Rich sold a bunch of them today) so I'm really happy. It's great to get the word out to farther climbs beyond Huntington, so we can start building our audience base.

And of course, the Governor's wife will be back... to see what we look like with our hair done.

Don't forget Madge's sale.

xo JOJO.