Advice from Janice...

So the official Mom-presence of the New Huntington just wanted to offer you some friendly last-minute "Oh my god, I haven't got a mother's day present yet. Heelllllllllpppppp" advice. Option one: Festive holiday socks dscn0064jpg.jpg but you can only wear those ONE DAY A YEAR!!!!

Option Two... No surprise here... dscn0354jpg.jpg But you can only wear THAT when your weiner dog hasn't stolen it from you and taken complete control of all household slankets!

WAIT - how about her very own shit box? No. Um... pneumatic nail gun? Not so much. Mothers day Brunch at the Honeywell Center - HA - Sold OUT... so your S.O.L???

Well then... she's gonna have this face... dscn0004jpg.jpg

NOPE. Get your Mama some Mama Mia - and take her to That's Amore. Or to Welcome to the Sixties (remember that crush she had on Davy Jones?) Or to Puttin' on the Ritz... cuz "You'll be loving her Always, Always".

Ok. Got the hint. Click on that thing up at the top... and make it happen :) Good. Oh - and if ya wanna know if Rich can whip out some purty lookin' gift certificatey thing... you betcha!