Last Chance

I'm typing up a great big fun blog (no, really - zoo picture and EVERYTHING)But I wanted to let you know asap that there are only two shows left of Fascinating Rhythm with available tickets. Saturday is sold out - so there are only seats left for today (Wednesday) and Friday. These kids are great - everyone has loved the show... so don't miss out.


AND remember how I told you Jean Anne's food was particularly yummerific - well someone just sent us this lovely email review: "One more thing, I had one of my best meals EVER at the show. I have been telling everyone - I LOVED LOVED LOVED what I had to eat! I chose the pork medallions over orzo & those veggies were to die for! I loved everything I had that night."

So - great show. Great pork. Great times.... I don't want you to miss it blogsters. 260-454-0603 or, of course,

xo JoJo