Well today (Wednesday) is our first day back doing a show after three days off. It wasn't a complete vacation - but I sure had fun getting to spend some time with David and Adam. Early Sunday morning Jill caught a ride with Margaret to Chicago to visit her folks - so it was just the fellers. Ticket sales definitely picked up, which was great news. Even though it seemed a lot less busy than we would have liked, Rich calculated that as many people have seen the Mickey and Judy show as attended each of the summer shows last year. So - it may not have been so much the time of year, as that we were just running for too long. So Spring seems an ok time if we try and concenrate the audiences into smaller time frame. The other great thing is that lots and lots of people who attended this as their first ever show have called and upgraded to full season passes. Yay!!! Which presents me a perfect opportunity for me to show you exactly what it looked like during one particular ticket-buying phone call over at Command Central:

LICK TO THE LEFT left-lick.jpg

LICK TO THE RIGHT right-lick.jpg

I AM PO-REX. HEAR ME ROAR. po-rex.jpg


While Janice was gone I took over ironing duty. The nice part is that you get to watch tv while you're working. The crappy part is... you're ironing. Which actually ain't that bad except that new freakin' dress we got Jill takes like seven hours to iron cuz it's a full circle skirt.

IRON MAN jo-jo-iro.jpg

I have been meaning to tell you a ridiculous show story that made us all giggle. One day Jill was saying the line "This fellow from the Metro music department saw my act, and he called Mr. Freed." But it sounded like this: "this guy from the Metro music department, Selma Yak, saw my act, and he called Mr. Freed." When I recounted this to Jill we all amused ourself for FAR TOO LONG imagining exactly who Mr. Selma Yak was, and what he would say on the phone.


This is what keeps us amused. Anyway. It seems to have been a respite away from shows which we have filled with constant food. Lee and Ray fed the boys a spectacular meal of bratwurst (I'm sure there was no subtext intended), macaroni, saurkraut, and caesar salad. The caesar salad recipe was so delish we might try and hijack it for the Italian night :) THEN on Sunday morning we, once again, hit the (rapidly and dangerously becoming traditional) Honeywell Brunch:

BRUNCH...SO MANY DECISIONS. rich-pensive-brunch.jpg

AH, THE SYRUP LADLE. HEALTH IN A TURINE. adam-brunch-syrup.jpg


CAFE OY VEY david-coffee.jpg

You may have noticed that no one ever manages to take a picture of Rich and I together (I think that restraining order might have something to do with it?). So I put the camera on the table, ran over to the other side of the table, and took this. Not inspecting the location of the straw beforehand. Nice...

THE LAST STRAW jo-jo-and-rich.jpg

Now the most important, cosmically significant discovery at this particular brunch trip was the BREAD PUDDING. With whisky and caramel sauce. Basically this stuff is so good that next week I'm just skipping the eggs, the waffles, the bacon, the sausage, the ham, the stuffing, the potatoes, the green beans, the salad bar, the turkey...and I'm just going to have eight helpings of bread pudding. And i'm only partly kidding. I'm gonna have nine helpings. This stuff might be among the greatest things I've ever tasted in my life. I am now mounting a full-on campaign for bread pudding for the Irving Berlin desert. No doubt I will lose. I seem to lose all food battles. It's a curse.

On our way through Wabash we noticed this nail salon with (I hope) a sense of humor: get-nailed.jpg

Monday David and Adam cooked for us and Derek. And despite Adams delicious gourmet chicken and pasta with balsamic veggies... David totally grandstanded with his Duncan Hines cupcakes.

Has anyone at this point noticed I'm on a diet and trying not to eat deserts. Yah - workin out great for me so far.

Janice is back in 'da house. Which means a day off, ain't no day off fer a Najuch. AND this week is the week of free dump deliveries or whatever, so they are trying to get as much crap and rubble and garbage over there as they can. So demolition at the new house began. The house that we bought in foreclosure for $5,000 bucks is gonna be our new home. The apartment above the theatre is great when it's just the two of us... but most of the time there's three or four people living here. And it's the actors dressing room... and it's getting a little much. So in the new house we can have a guest room for Bob and Janice rather than a pull out couch...and a laundry room that isn't in my office... and maybe even a queen size bed. Because Po likes her space. The house is in WAY WAY WAY better shape than the Shit box was when we started on it. Rich hopes we can be living in there by Fall... And our apartment will turn into stage manager housing and various other things when needed.

Basically we really have to gut the kitchen and bathrooms and the rest is aesthetic. First things first, we started yankin' out all the nasty carpet. new-house-carpet.jpg


And then we started on the kitchen... new-house-old-kitchen.jpg



Inside the walls we found a peculiar item. A toy gun circa... 1950s? Ray?? toy-gun.jpg

I have also learned a new valuable demolition lesson. Do not try and tear down walls that are above your head. It is much better to get on a ladder so you do not have cascading plaster and dust landing in your hair, eyes, nose etc. Eye level and below is perfect whacking scope.

WALL Eeeeee. walls-down.jpg

That day we got about half the kitchen walls down. And the next day, since it was Adam's last day visiting, I declared a national Jo Jo holiday and we went to the ZOOOOO. Janice and Rich couldn't be coerced, and they continued to be busy beavers over at the house getting all the debris from the walls (and the bathroom walls upstairs which they also pumelled) to the dump. Plus they got rid of all the old skeletons of theatre seats that were piled up in the balcony exit stairway.

But, as I was saying.... ZOO? zoo-day.jpg

ZOO!? adam.jpg


We went to Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo. Which is only really a children's zoo because it's very hands on - which is AWESOME. There peacocks running EVERYWHERE... peacock.jpg

It's apparently listed as one of the top 10 kid friendly zoos in the US - and I see why. It's awesome. I'm gonna drag Rich there in the summer when they open their big new African Safari thingy. They don't have a lot of great big animals - but they have great stuff. It's way fun. I was actually really bummed we didn't think to bring Luke.

One place Rich will NEVER go is the Bat House... but I took a picture of this plaque becuase i thought it might help Rich gain a newfound appreciation for his winged nemeses.

NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BAT PLAQUE! bats-tequila.jpg

See Rich, - if it wasn't for the bats we wouldn't have tequila. And without tequila you wouldn't have margaritas. And without margaritas you would have killed me by now.

I kept trying to get a good picture of the dingo in the same shot as a stroller for a fabulous "dingo ate my baby" feeding time caption. But no success. dingo.jpg

This little girl was very very preturbed by David's presence on the froggy... FROG PRINCE frog-prince.jpg

I also love how David is posed like he's doing a Levi's ad... just sitting on a frog.

I have to say Mr. Shane is quite the wizard with the zoo map route planning. He managed to route us round just in perfect time to see the seal feeding. Which they don't really make a big fuss about in the brochures - but it's AWESOME. The seals do all these tricks for their fish...and it's so fun. They seem to love to play and know all kinds of hand signals and whistle commands - it was awesome. I got not pictures cuz I was having so much fun watching. Oops.


I think you can insert your own caption for this one... dscn0664.jpg


I've decided that I want Rich to drag me around in one of these... i-want-one.jpg






Now the very very very bestest part of the zoo was the petting farm. They had all these fun baby goats that you could buy goat food and feed. This was lots of fun. Until I got goat mauled... ok it was still fun. drive-by-goating.jpg

But I quickly learned that the goats aren't that picky. And once they've figured out you're a food source. They think all of you is a food source. For instance... my shorts... eating-me.jpg

One little fella actually had half of my jacket - that I was wearing - down his gullet... GOAT GUNK goat-gunk.jpg

And then moved on to my shoe lace... shoe-eaten.jpg

Which is why they have installed... THE GOAT GUILLOTINE! goat-guillotine.jpg

Actually it's a thing they use to shear them in... the goat seemed pretty ok with the whole thing. Except he couldn't get to my shoe.

Tragically, while at the zoo, I'm fairly certain that I caught Swine Flu. swine-flu.jpg

So, ya'll - it's back to the shows... And little orphan Judy. little-orphan-judy1.jpg

I SAID NO PAPARAZZI no-paparazzi.jpg

xo Jo Jo.