"Distress" (Dress) Call.

Howdy neighbours. Well - I every day I seem to want to stay around the house and get work done I end up having to make some cross country excursion. Today we had quite the issue. Jill's act two dress - (remember all the drama finding a dress we liked) - well, said dress has decided to start disintegrating. Like really. It's a beautiful vintage piece with a pleated chiffon top... and the seaming all along the pleats has started to just disappear - PLUS the chiffon itself has started to get tears and holes in it. I KNEW this - you're not supposed to use real vintage in a show - it gets too much wear and tear over and over - and if it's a real piece from the forties, it's just too fragile. But we were short on time - and didn't find a pattern we liked... and... yes I left it too late. :( So anyway - Her dress was dead. And I was pretty bummed. And simultaneously freaked. Cuz since it took a long time to find that dress on ebay - finding another one before the next day (and I was pretty sure that the entire bottom half of the dress was gonna fall off if she wore it again) was not going to be good. The thing was already covered in about three feet of double sided sticky tape) were slim.

Thank goooodness for Ann Siegfried. Ann told me about a vintage place in Fort Wayne called Regurgitations or Resurrections or...wait....oh oh... RETROACTIVE. That was it. And Ann warned me it was a little kooky - but oHHHH boy it was kooky. In a kind of crazy Dickens Curiosity Shoppe way. Now the place wasn't quite open when it was supposed to be (at 1:00pm) so Jill and I wandered around the strip mall occupying ourselves for about ten minutes - whereupon we discovered what I figured must be a good omen. In the next door COFFEE shop - not record store - COFFEE SHOP - they had in the window this album... WHEREVER WE GOOOOO, WHATEVER WE DOOOO. dscn0557.jpg Yes, Dan and Winston, (who just said it out loud faster than the rest of you) - it's the Judy and Liza concert album. On display in a coffee shop window. In Fort Wayne. Indiana. Bizarre. And yet - pretty cool.

The lady who runs it, Rose, has three cats running around and the place looks like a bomb went off in a Filenne's Basement sale. In fact - the cats are a major feature of the window display... HOW MUCH IS THAT KITTY IN THE WINDOW? dscn0556.jpg I don't think the store is hypoallergenic. As soon as Jill and I arrived and told her what she was looking for she was like "Which Judy... Dorothy Judy... Vincent Minnelli marrying her because she wanted to get out of the house Judy...fat Judy...thin Judy?" It was kind of hysterical. Then she kept asking what jill would be DOING in the dress...as if she needed to searching for a particular garment in case of juggling-fire or water skiing.


Rose seems to have an uncanny mental fil-o-fax of every garment in the place and started yanking out various pieces for us too look at. They had a bunch of stuff that would be great if Jill was about the size of Shamu... and stuff that would fit her if she was the size of Karen Carpenter's midget cousin. But other than that we were havin' a tough time. We found one beige dress that I loved - Jill was worried that it was too close to her skin tone... and also it was full length. It COULD be chopped but Janice wasn't here to DO it... So until Monday at least Jill might be tripping over herself and mic cords every three seconds. At the very last second my eyes fell on one particular garment and I pulled it out and said "what about this!?". Hurrah... A miracle. In the middle of Indiana, in a two hour period, we were able to recostume 1940's Judy Garland. Without alterations. We hope. She hasn't actually done the show in it yet...but when she tried it on at the shop it looked grand.

And I just took a picture of it at intermission.... new-dress.jpg

AM I PRETTY, MAMA? dscn0548.jpg We've continued altering little bits and pieces in the show. Last night I cut a couple things - and David learned them lickety split. The second act is now definitely shorter than the first - so that's a big accomplishment...um...accomplished. AHHH I LOVE CHANGE. dscn0546.jpg

And Adam really likes La Conga - so for the moment it's staying at the top of Act Two.

BTW - I forgot to include a picture of the fun car magnet - the weather was crappy today - but here ya go: dscn0554.jpg

The Dyers came last night - which is always fun because I love watching Debbie trying to break the Guinness Book of World Records 'Longest genuine happy supportive-mom-like fun grin" during the course of the show... She beams through the whole thing. :) dscn0552.jpg And before I told the show I reminded Derek, since he was seated right next to the stage, that it wasn't like a movie and if he talks to the actors - these ones can actually HEAR him :)

I learned to change the boxes of soda for the fountain today. Yup. Ultimate cosmic power.

xo JOJO.