blog day afternoon.

Ok – so yesterday I was at Walgreens and my total came up as $7.77. This would not have even registered for me except the cashier said “you could play the lotto with those numbers”… and it still took me like thirty seconds to figure out what the heck she was talking about. Then TODAY I ran into the gas station to buy snacks and my total was… $4.44. Aaaaaa. So I’m not sure what somebody’s trying to tell me, but I hope I’m not a cast member in Final Destination 12. I’m currently blogging IN THE CAR cuz you’re so important to me… David and I just picked up his b.f. Adam from the airport – Those of you devoted bloggers may recall that Adam and David helped us build the bathroom and kitchen upstairs over a weekend. So now Adam is all geared up to build something else. So by the time he leaves in four days I’m expecting the auditorium to be finished.

The shows have been getting better and better. We feel like we’re just about set with the script… After opening we cut a number called “La Conga”, and then moved three numbers around in the order to shorten the second act and get a better flow. We’ve also been playing around with the Act Two opener. It was originally Strike up the Band – but then we recently cut ‘Strike up the Band’ and tried replacing it with a new more exciting arrangement of La Conga. David likes Conga… Jill likes Strike Up…and I’m still on the fence. So we’ll see how things progress! But the show has settled down to a really good flow and they are getting a great handle on how to keep the momentum going. Audiences LOVE the show – people keep saying it’s our best one yet. during-show.jpg

show-pic.jpg I just wish we could fill the house… it’s been the toughest sell we’ve ever had. But there is an article coming in the Herald Press tomorrow – and hopefully that will help. O-PO-RATERS ARE STANDING BY FOR YOUR ORDER... po-in-chair.jpgI’m really proud of the show, actually – especially considering all the obstacles we had along the way – it’s a really cool achievement.

So in our zeal to correct our challenges with this Conga number (we just felt like the arrangement wasn’t exciting enough) David and I decided to go over to Tim’s house an work on the track with him. Which, finally has allowed me the opportunity to bring my camera along and get a picture of Tim’s pugs... DAVID CLEARLY HAS A PUG PROBLEM david-and-pugs.jpg But in particular his black pug, Maestro. Who is, without a doubt, the most goofy hysterical dog I’ve ever seen in my life. He is actually an animated muppet Dark Crystal goblin masquerading as a pug dog. maestro.jpg

And he constantly…constantly makes these ridiculous noises like a Persian Cat with constipation. Like “Gurrrrrreggggggleeeee blurrrrggggg bleeeeeaaaaaaaa errrrrrrr gurglge”. All day. mastro-relaxin.jpg Last night I overheard one of my favorite audience comments of all time… this darling lady of a mature age said “I have to find out if that is an ELECTRONIC piano”. It was all I could do to not jump in and say “Actually, no madam. Our piano player keeps a drum set in his pants and there is are five elves playing the brass section hidden in his inside jacket pocket” ☺ Pretty darn cute.

We’ve discovered a very fun new means of advertising thanks to the nice folks at Vista Print… We got car magnets of the poster and I think they are just dandy.

Madge is still doing a kick-ass job with Jill’s hair. ROLLER DOWN THE RIVER hair-time.jpg Jill tried doing it herself one night – and we all looked at it and instantly David was like “um… ask Joel”…. And I was like “um go talk to Janice… NOWWWW”. We made a 911 emergency call to Madge. For about a hot half second there was talk about me watching Madge and then trying to do it myself so Margaret wouldn’t have to come all the time. Somehow my first attempt ended up being the THIRD day of the run – so I’d only really managed to watch Margaret do it once and I’d managed a couple curlers myself. So I tried and within about five minutes started to want to cry. Margaret assured me that there is a REASON why you have to do 500 sets before you graduate from Beauty school… It was very very traumatic. TOTO - I DON'T THINK WE'RE IN A HAIRDRESSERS ANYMORE. po-and-jill-in-curlers.jpg I WILL say though that I WAS able to perk up the back of her head between matinee and evening shows by putting the whole back in rollers. And it came out dandy. Apparently it’s the front of her head that causes me total nervous collapse. She would look like a poodle by the time I was done.

On Sunday Janice and Rich and I went on an adventure that I’ve been long anticipating. We hit the brunch buffet at the Honeywell center in Wabash. And it was AMAZZZING. It’s only 10 bucks… (cuz it’s subsidized by the Honeywell foundation) and it’s huge and sooooooo good. Like carved meats and a stir-fry bar and a salad bar and a dessert bar and waffles and pork and major yumminess. So – kids – if you want an alternate to the good old Bob Evans on a Sunday – check it out. Really – because the value for the yummy fanciness is INSANE. It’s almost as good of a deal as say… Tickets to Fascinatin’ Rhythm. Which you could order right now ☺ ☺

Ann Siegfried, one of our biggest fans, wrote a super sweet letter to the editor about the show. Of course, it’s an even greater compliment now that I know that her hubby Paul is an expert at Wii Fit hula hoop – because lets face it – what’s could be nearly as entertaining as seeing Paul doing wii hula hoop.

David and I went on a pretty exciting reconnaissance mission to the Fort Wayne on Friday night. I decided that we were doing a show about Judy Garland – so we should let the confirmed bachelor community KNOW about it. Because the confirmed bachelors are very fond of Ms. Garland. So David and I took posters to the two confirmed bachelor bars in Fort Wayne and David was very charming and managed to get the bartenders to put them up… at the one bar they were having a drag show that was less than stellar. In fact at one point the M.C. said “Ladies and Gentleman, Give it up for Miss Candy Apple”. And I whispered to David “And Miss Candy Apple… give it UP”. The things we do to get the word out. We did consider layering Jill with eighteen pounds of makeup and dragging her down there to sing “Over the Rainbow” and telling people her name was Earl. Rich was surprisingly against the idea ☺

I’m in the process of picking the songs for the summer shows… So – I’m officially opening the floor up for suggestions for the sixties and the Italian shows… Send me your requests and we’ll be delighted to take them under consideration. I’d also be really excited for any fun themed drink suggestions AND any food ideas for the sixties show…cuz we haven’t thought of anything fun yet.

I’m really excited about the music options for the shows though. It’s an embarrassment of riches, and we have SUCH a good group coming this summer. It’s going to be really amazing. I’m also thinking we are going to upgrade to wireless hand-held mics…which I know will make Jordan pee his pants with excitement…. Cuz after a year of working out cord-tangling choreography – I’d love to be liberated from that particular challenge ☺ It’s also amazing how much you CAN’T do – simple geometric pattern variations – when the cords are a concern.

One of the coolest nights so far in the run was the evening when BOTH David and Jill’s Moms were in the audience, by complete random coincidence, on the same night. David’s Mom and aunt came from Ohio (a three hour drive) and Jill’s Mom came with a friend from Chicago. And it was great – because it was also one of our biggest most fun crowds so far – and they saw a great night. Jill’s mom was so excited – she kept saying “I had no idea… I really thought it wasn’t going to be very good!” She was thrilled – and thought Jill had grown so much in just a week. Which was a huge compliment.

Of course – little goofy things go wrong. I’ve accidentally pulled up the ipod pre-show music in the middle of the show, instead of turning up Tim… David has said my favorite line mix-up so far. His line is supposed to be “Desi Arnaz got a last minute new year’s eve gig in Miami… but because it was the busiest time of the year for musicians he could only round up five players.” Instead…David said “because it was the busiest year for musicians”. The audience just kind of cocked there head to the side like when Rich is trying to explain algebra to Po. OOPS :) david-getting-dapper.jpg

On a night that we had extra space we invited the theatre students from Huntington University to come see the show – and they loved it – and were an AWESOME audience. We had a fun talk back with them afterwards and I was really glad we were able to invite them.

I am now officially addicted to Jean Anne’s molasses carrots. Sometimes after the shows there aren’t that many carrots left over and we all fight over them. I think I could just live on the orzo and carrots and be quite happy for a month ☺ People are loving the food – the pork in particular gets RAVES. Of course, Jean Anne is the Queen of Pork, so I would expect no less.

Meanwhile - once again, Po has become quite accustomed to her stage managerial duties... po-and-jill-hangin.jpg


Anyway - gotta get ready for the show! mickey-judy-press1.jpg

xo jojo.