Going, Going, GONEEEEEEE!!!!!! :( Aug 15.

F-@#(*&!$*@()!@$*&$!%-DGE!!!!! We didn't get the house. We don't understand it. And I'm depressed and Rich is peeved. We think that the seller's realtor might not have been playing completely fair with us. Natalie had to keep hounding and hounding them to get a response from Kyle - the guy who was handling it. she must have text messaged him like a thousand times.


We think they may have been using us to drive up the price from the other offer. It was so weird - they told us the offer was in a certain bracket and we put in an offer right at the very top end of the bracket.... so you would think. Who knows. We won't find out until the closing notice is posted in the paper or whatever. But, Rich says we might get lucky and the other people's financing might not get approved (which Natalie says happens) or they might get it inspected and change their mind... which happened to friends of Bob and Janice three times on the house they are trying to sell. So it might come back to us and then we can actually put in a lower offer since we aren't competing anymore. But I'm not going to hold my breath or get my hopes up. It was really sad to not get it - cuz it would have been lovely for our needs and a great price. Shit.

And that wasn't today's only real estate bummer. There was a cute little house up for auction that Rich thought would be cute to have for housing for a star. it was an old building and hadn't had a lot of interest so we thought we might get it for a steal at the auction... since bidding starts at 1,000 and apparently SOMETIMES no one shows up. Well - this was not the case. It was the weirdest experience. They were auctioning off two properties from the same place - this one and another - and they didn't announce which one you were bidding for. it was called 'winners choice'. The winner of the first auction could choose which building they wanted, and then if they wanted both they could pay twice what their winning bid was. It's a very convoluted (and i think, super ass-holey) way of making the absolute most from the buyer. The winner ALSO has to PAY for the auctioneers fee. Ha. Anyway - so we did went through this process and the auctioneer was like going a mile a minute and you didn't even know what you were bidding on. Anyway - after .0004 of a second we were past any figure we were willing to pay (since Natalie had been kind enough to have her contractor take a look at it for us and give us advice on what the building was worth). This thing sold for SOOO much more than it was worth. We were totally shocked.

The only good thing out of the insanity of this was meeting this woman who was also there. She came to bid on the same house because it was the place where her great grandmother was born. She didn't win the bidding either by a long shot - and she was really bummed that if she couldn't have it that it didn't go to us. She was really excited about the theatre AND she is a mural painter - and she's invited us over to dinner. She's really sweet - and it could be great to know someone who does that kind of work for future theatrical needs.

Then Rich and Natalie and I went to lunch to lick our wounds from our multiple real estate losses of the day. We'll just keep our eye out for more potential insanely cheap bargains.... and, as much as I feel rotten for saying it, we couldn't be luckier that we are at a point where the country is having all-time high numbers of foreclosures... cuz each one is an opportunity for us.

I also found a doctor today. Again a Natalie suggestion. I needed to get a prescription refilled - so I thought it was a good excuse to find a general practitioner. He's Mexican, from Staten Island, and very cool. With a slightly odd sense of humor... but he seems great. Odd sense of humor, you ask? Well... and I quote (please add your own Hispanic lilt) "You know, I get all kinds of drug salesmen coming in here to try and convince me to try new drugs. This guy comes in and says 'I have a drug that will get rid of all wrinkles'. And I say "I'll take a ton of it... if it will take the wrinkles out of my balls". (rim shot). I rest my case. But his patient room had winnie the pooh all over it - so that's a plus.

We were visited today by the former projectionist who worked here for fifteen years. He is not at all thrilled that we are not using it as a movie theatre anymore. He was quite jovial but at one point he did say "I should slap you two for not considering using this building for it's intended use". And I went and started cleaning paint brushes. I thought that was more polite than stabbing him. Considering for the last fifteen years he worked here no one was able to make the building TURN A PROFIT as a movie theatre only allowed to show first run movies, I felt like suggesting that he might want to have spent his own several hundred thousand dollars before advising us what to do WITH OUR BUILDING! He's clearly very passionate about projectionist stuff though... and even though he made it very clear that hardly anyone ever came to SEE the movies he was showing... he was just bummed that he couldn't be running the machinery anymore. So, if he'd like to give us about six grand he can have all two tons of metal in his living room. I'd be delighted to know that it was being loved.

I did get some painting samples done today. I used two pieces of foam core and the flip side of that stain test ply sheet and did five different paint treatments using variations of the burgundy, chocolate and mustard base colors and the gold and bronze metallic glazes. We narrowed it down a lot - Rich really likes it... and now I'm going to do some variations on this theme. I tried applying the glaze in a number of ways - lifting it off with plastic bags, lifting it off with saran wrap, sponging it with newspaper, and just feather brush strokes with the brush. And, even though I thought i wouldn't like it at all... the brush strokes version has a lot of dimension and shimmer and really feels very opulent. So now I'm going to do that treatment on a couple options of the base colors. So here's a pic of the sample that we liked as a starting point. (and to clarify - this is the wall paint treatment - not a wallpaper - that goes on top in panels):

GOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL? gold-wallpaper.jpg

Rich managed to get out a good deal of his real estate frustration by whacking out walls in the kitchen. The sort of half wall that ran below the windows had to come out to make way for the kitchen cabinets... he made great progress:


Tomorrow we think we're gonna put down the subfloor in there and start putting up the studs for the kitchen walls. A kitchen people... did you HEAR that!!!! :) Hopefully we'll also make it to the magical and fabled tile wholesaler in Fort Wayne where we hope we can find some cheap tile for the cafe tables that will match the NEW wallpaper - the old colors look like poop with them. Darn. We might also make it to the hardware specialist in Fort Wayne to ask them about the edging for the table and see how much it is to order.

So - for tonight - adieu (unless you happen to have a house you wanna sell us within three blocks walking distance :) :) ) xo Jo JO.