It's one am. These kids have been working sooo hard. We've each taken our little turns crawling into a corner and gurgling. They're doing brilliantly... it's just a big load.run-through.jpg Considering this is Jill's first big job - she is just holding together with remarkable hutzpah. I'm so impressed. The two of them are just so warm and charming and their voices are both incredible. David singing "Manhattan" is one of my favorite things I've ever heard him sing...

Dave is a hyper perfectionist and he likes to arrive at rehearses completely prepared. Which... if you're building a show from scratch (script, songs and everything) is impossible. So it's been very much out of everyone's comfort zone. It's also very stressful to be freaking out about LEARNING fifty pages and then every day having sections of those fifty pages be cut out, or shuffled or altered. Which is what happens when you're developing a new piece. The audience is going to tell us an awful lot about what works. I think as a team we've done a great job of getting this thing as ready as we possibly can until we have that kind of feedback to inform us further. But they are just giving 110% - and I know the audiences are going to be blown away by their committment and grasp of these characters. As easy as they may make it - what they are doing is really, really hard.

The Pack Leader is almost in full Supper Club mode now. The Linens are calling him tauntingly in the night... dsc_0215.jpg

But at least we have the new dishwasher working which means the dishes should all be clean after intermission - rather than adding another forty five minutes of work after the curtain goes down each night.

Po is looking forward to having quality time with the actors every night before the show during half hour (and no doubt many 'dorothy and po-to' pictures. I'M READY FOR MY PO-SE UP dsc_0220.jpg

Every single second poor Jill isn't onstage it seems someone jumps on to pin her in a dress or slap on a wig or cut off her hair... We're officially now using Jill's hair - we've just cut off a few (not un-traumatically sacrificed) inches. But she's been a dandy sport and Madge gave her a very very sexy new do. I think the fact that when Jill (having just met Margaret for the first time) asked her "where is your salon" and Madge said: "my kitchen"; might have been slightly nerve inducing. WHAT A WORLD... WHAT A WORLD. in-the-sink.jpg

We've worked through the whole show twice. And the only thing that seems to be a real hurdle for us at the moment are the transitions in and out of songs. They are really great with the dialogue once they know WHAT story their supposed to be telling after a song ends... and as we get farther along they get more and more comfy connecting these threads together and finding ways to make them feel like a natural progression into the next anecdote. Sometimes, it's just a big leap to a new topic - and that ain't easy.


Tomorrow we're teching the show. I'm really nervous because i'm running the lights and sound for this show... and I'm NOT the most technically adept person. I'm sure it'll be fine and I'm sure glad I won't have ME in the audience staring at myself every time I screw up.

Ok - well - at least your kind of up to date. I'm sorry this isn't more sparkling - but my eyes are closing on me as I type this. We're all really tired. I've even started going over to work with the actors in my pajamas. If I can't sleep I can at least feel like I'm ready when the opportunity presents itself.

PS - Shout out for the opening of the new Brick House Grill down the street. I wasn't able to get there yet - but Rich said it was really nice. And anywhere that is open to eat on Jefferson street past eight pm that doesn't rhyme with Mapplebees is a welcome variation.

xo jojo.