Gettin' there.

Mega Fun-ness - Rich installed the new sticky on lettering for the box office that we ordered... it's AWESOME!richnew-box-office-sign.jpg

He and Margaret worked on a bunch of stuff all day and then, thinking outside of the box to score some ticket sales, they went to help Terri Eckert with the sales of her annual dance recital (which is sort of like the ticket- buying line for Elvis appearing on the same bill as Jesus and the Jonas Brothers). I'm also pestering him to drop some flyers off to the Honeywell center cuz tomorrow the Smothers Brothers are appearing there (and I thinks this is the same audience). I have to say I'm REALLY bummed that I don't have time to see them perform - I used to love their variety show on television. You more mature folks might remember Pat Paulson? Politics were more fun with him around. :)

Well - we climbed a pretty ginourrrrmous hurdle today. We went at it pretty solid from 10-7 and managed to get the show fully blocked. jill-hiding.jpg

We have two numbers left to stage - but all the dialogue is done and all the other numbers are on their feet. The great thing about David and my working relationship is that we can sort of jump ahead to 'this is probably just gonna suck' and cut things before we waste to much time on them. I SAY WE PUSH HER ONSTAGE, DO 'OVER THE RAINBOW' AND CALL IT A NIGHT joel-and-david.jpg Which certainly saved us a couple of hours along the way. The really tricky thing with this show is that with two people on stage - and the audience on them on three sides - it's tough to juggle sightlines. When they are just singing songs (like the other shows) it's not so tricky - but when they are doing dialogue with each other and talking to the audience it's kind of a game of constant musical chairs so that there is give and take and people can see the person who is supposed to be in the 'spotlight' as it were. So they in addition to the 22 songs AND the fifty pages of dialogue - they have to remember all these subtle traffic patterns. And when your entire world is a 10x6 platform and two stools - it can get a little confusing. It's not like a normal show where you - 'oh yeah - this is where I go sit by the coffee table, pour a sherry, and then trip over the sofa". This is like playing chess with only four squares.

jill-and-david.jpg But they are doing GREAT. Like really... they are both completely freaking out and overwhelmed - but we put the whole freakin show it's feet in three days - so the fact that we have FOUR days to actually get them comfy is a whole lot better than it could be considering the obstacles we've had. And they already have a really good sense of how to make the dialogue feel natural and spontaneous - and particularly have a great feel for all the comedy. Of which there is a lot. These two people were very very funny - and loved making each other laugh. JUST KEEP SINGING....JUST KEEP SINGING dancin.jpg On the lunch break Madge leapt on top of Jill with rollers and while she tried to digest a Subway sandwich, Margaret experimented with Judy hair. CAN YOU DYE MY EYES TO MATCH MY GOWN? cute-hair-jill.jpg And when we take a five minute break they just crumple to the floor like protoplasm: PLEASE GOD, DROP A HOUSE ON US. dead-actors.jpg Tickets sales have been picking up - which is really great news. These two kids deserve packed houses because they are really doing something kind of extraordinary.


By the end of the day we were all pretty fried - jill-writing.jpg and no longer seeing the forest for the trees: jojo-arghghggh.jpg In between being brilliant and yawning - Jill rollercoasters between hysterical laughter and deer in headlights terror. This is her first professional job - and I can't imagine anyone handling such a huge work load - SOOOO quickly - with any more fortitude. I just keep telling her - remember everything you can - it's like spaghetti against a wall. Some of it will stick - and we'll get some more on the next pass. :) So we hit Don Rafaels - I bought them a pitcher of Margaritas, and they soon forgot their troubles. And their names. Hey, they're tired. Jill's mom sent me an email today saying that she was having - and I quote - "the best time ever". Apparently prior to joining us Jill summer in Guantanemo and went to school with Oliver Twist on the surface of the sun. I THINK I NEED TO GET INTO CHARACTER. SEND PILLS. LOTS OF PILLS. jill-cutey.jpg

After dinner we went back to their place and watched "Me and My Shadow" which was really fun because it dramatizes so many of the characters and events that they deal with in our script... and of course the performances are wonderful. And I have to say, I really really think that Jill does a better job than whoever they hired to be a sound-alike for Garland in the film (there is only one song where they don't use Judy's actual recordings - and I think the person they use isn't nearly as convincing as Jill is).

We had some new posters arrive from Vistaprint - they are SOOOO nice. The stock quality is so luxurious - they look really spiffy. We also had some car magnets with the Judy/Mickey poster made - and they now look pretty spiffy on the truck.

Any how - I know these blogs are the not always the most hysterical - I wish I could keep my funny bone functioning at 1:10 - but I'm just tryin' really hard to keep you involved. xo Jo Jo.