Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm 34. Aug 14.

Happy Birthday to meeeeee.It was spent in the most glamorous of all Fort Wayne hotspots. The dump. Yes, Rich and I spent the morning and afternoon taking a couple 'o loads of the prehistoric concrete burial ground to the recycling center. The good news is that it was free... which we weren't sure about. Before that we did a run to the ordinary dump and got rid of a truck load of other debris. So the cardboard, that was basically the entire floor of this room - was about eight inches thick through the room.


It filled the ENTIRE truck bed. So much so that we had to strap it down to prevent it from causing a drive by... boarding.

BIRTHDAY CARD(BOARD) truck-shit.jpg

Then we got to the recycling center which was kind of interesting. We were motioned to drive right into the dumping building and unload the truck. I got a nifty lesson in how the whole giant recycling machine works from a very nice guy operating a small bulldozer who had AT LEAST two of his teeth. Apparently it's all very complicated - the stuff all get's dumped in this giant building... and then he bulldozes it around... and kind sweeps it over to this big conveyer belt. It goes up the conveyer belt and there's this whole series of magnets that pull out metal and swishing things that weed out newspaper. In the middle of my explanation a guy in a bigger bulldozer zooms in and starts flying up these giant hills of trash, scooping it higher up to get to go all the way to the ceiling. It was like off-road bulldozing. The guy was kind of a speed demon and zooming VERY close to our truck - so we were a little concerned that we were going to be buried under a giant mountain of milk cartons for a while there.


FEELING DUMP-Y? rich-cardboard.jpg

So anyway - that was all over and we came back to grab a late lunch. We went to Nicks for CUBE STEAK (WHOO HOOO). Natalie showed up too and joined us... and then bought us lunch. In the process of our meal I managed to volunteer Rich and I to help Jean Anne (who runs Nick - yes... the Queen of the Fried Pork Product) cater this function she has to do. She got this gig catering for 200 people and she normally only does groups of like 40... so she was telling us about it with a slightly terrified glazed look in her eye... and since I know Rich was a cater waiter I said "We'll help". I thought it would be fun. Rich informs me it will not be fun... but Jean Anne is very nice and I'm happy to help. She insists on paying us too... so why not. And we may be get "Home of the Breaded Pork Tenderloin" T shirts... so what's not to love. Next year is actually the hundredth anniversary of this restaurant... so Jean Anne is gonna have to figure out some big celebration. I can't really think of a show we could do in her honor... Nothing really fits. I think Pork-lahoma might be our best bet. Of course there's that Bock and Harnick failure, Tenderloin... which is apt but probably won't sell a lot of tickets.

It's now midnight and still no word on the house offer... we're betting for an answer tomorrow. They are waiting on signatures from the bank accepting whoevers offer got accepted. Erg.

So after the cardboard haul it was five and we called it a day and decided to clean up and head out for my birthday festivities. We were deciding between the BBQ place we liked called Smokey Bones with the AWESOME corn bread or this new place that Brent suggested. We went with Brent (who is hard a work at Show Choir practice even though school hasn't even started yet). it's called Flat Top this restaurant - and it was pretty darn good. It's like a giant Mongolian BBQ buffet - where they have this giant salad bar of raw ingredients and like a bunch of asian sauces and then you take your bowl to the cooks and they cook it for you. It's fun and tons of food. So we had that - and then I had a birthday brownie sundae thing. Of course I'd also had birthday pie at Nick's. Shut up - it's my birthday. Speaking of pigging out - they did this thing at Flat Top that I'd NEVER seen before - they had this giant blackboard at one end of the restaurant they had written up complete nutritional information for every single one of their like twenty sauces so that you can pick ones that were low carb or low fat or whatever if you wanted. It was neat. Anyway.

Then we went and saw Hairspray - which even though they CUT my two favorite songs in the whole freakin' show, was pretty darn great. Travolta, as much as I wanted to dislike him, was awesome - and the choreography is spectacular. So for those of you who liked Dreamgirls - go see this and learn how to really stage a movie musical.

After the movie Rich and I had decided to use my birthday as an excuse to attempt to be social and try and meet some people. So we asked around and got some suggestions for bars where folks like us might be patrons... and since we were already in Fort Wayne we thought we'd give it a shot. Well we walked into this absolutely gorgeous giant three story bar/club at 11pm... and were the only people there. The ONLY people. The sole bartender gave us a tour of the entire place cuz he had nothing else to do. Eventually a couple other people showed up - but it wasn't the social networking whirlwind we hoped for. Apparently Fort Wayne does not hop on the week nights. So - some Saturday we'll give it another go. Until then - still hermits. Ah well. Rich is getting a little stir crazy - the only people he's talked to in two months are pretty much me, Po, Natalie and his parents. Mostly me and Po. And frankly, Po still hasn't really mastered the whole art of conversation thing. Although Rich might say she probably retains more of a conversation than I do.

Lot's of wonderful and caring people called and texted and emailed me to wish me happy birthday. They were all total strangers... but it was nice. Seriously, though...Thank all of you - it's really nice to know that even though I'm in the middle of nowhere I still have a special little place in your hearts. It meant a lot.

And - now that our living room is kind of in order I can finally enjoy my birthday present that I got early - but have avoided using so that I wouldn't really spoil it. As you may remember rich got me a really comfy, really pretty la-z-boy. Po is letting me share it. Sometimes.

xoxoxo jo jo.