well i have about five minutes between my power nap and having to stage the one final complicated number in the show. Then I've gotta go over at 10:00 pm to help the kids run lines. Even the Pack Leader declared I've been workin' my butt off. Which is a good thing - because I look like a blob in this picture: joel-and-jill.jpg

We have about 2/3 of the show staged now... so we've done about a third a day. I also had a Dr's appointment I'd rescheduled so many times I had to go... so David and Jill and Tim had to fend for themselves for about three hours while I got to the outer reaches of Fort Wayne and back.

On my list of wacky things I have to try and track down still - we've got to find Jill a bustier. She's in great shape - but those period clothes are designed to have that sleek line. We've managed to nail down a tux for David for the second half. We're still trying to make dress decisions for Jill - we've got several options for the second act, and NOT enough options for the first. But I think we might have a couple tricks up our sleeves. We're also examining the whole wig thing. We have a wig that will work if need be - but Jill has great hair, and it's the right color. So I'm hoping we can use curlers and get that late 40's style that Judy sported.

OR THE JUDY IN 'KARATE KID' LOOK: jill-argghg.jpg

We've practically been rehearsing 24 hours a day. When Jill arrived she was pretty darn solid on the solo stuff - but she wasn't as familiar with the duet material. So we hammered through that stuff for a while... david-jill-rehearsing.jpg


We now do staging and music with Timmy from 10-6...take a two hour power nap break and meet up again at their house at like 8:30 and work on lines and script cuts until the cows come home. In our pajamas. I particularly covet Jill's PJ's which have FEET!!!! ONE-SIE SINGULAR SENSATION pajama-feet.jpg

I left them last night at midnight - and had to tell Jill to just STOP for a little bit at least and let her brain relax. line-runs.jpg

I have no idea how these guys are managing to accomplish all this so quickly - but they are doing just brilliantly. If we can get the darn thing ready it's gonna be something we can all be really proud of.

Rich is off talking to the American Businesswomen's Associaition (ABWA) about the power of blogging... And hopefully I can use that power to remind you to get tickets for Mickey and Judy if you haven't got them yet. Even if you have never seen one of their movies I can guarantee you the stories they tell are hysterical and we're singing just as many famous songs as in any of the Supper Club shows... it's just amazing how many songs these to performers introduced. The one that totally shocked me was "I like a Gershwin tune... how about you?" - I had no idea it was written FOR them.

But because there ARE so many wonderful songs it's a huge workload - and a marathon amount for two people to sing every day. When we decided to cut one of David's songs, I've never seen an actor so happy to have their part trimmed down!

BRAIN FULL! BRAIN FULL!!!! david-arghgh.jpg

I'm very very very happy to report that Winston, our most fervent Judy fanatic has declared Jill to be doing a great job (when he watched the rehearsal video). And we've been getting stuff on it's feet really quickly - there's just so much of it...



And because we're blocking so quickly and because it's so much for two people - the MOST IMPORTANT thing we discovered was to stop like every 20 minutes and let them write down what we've just done. David and I (the day before Jill arrived) spent a half an hour choreographing and entire conga number - soldiered through the end of it. We then promptly looked at each other and had no recollection whatsoever of the entire first half of it. Age is catching up, kids.


I realized something very interesting last night. With all this talk about gay marriage goin' on I suddenly realized something rather ironic. If gay marriage had been possible in the 1930's then Judy Garland's father wouldn't have married his wife (Garland's father was gay - driven out of several towns by scandal). So there would have been no Judy. And then there'd be no Liza. So the confirmed bachelors would have gained somethin' but lost their two greatest icons at the same time! Weird right?

The good news is that we've managed to keep our sense of humor as we snowball towards opening... The kids were trying to learn choreography for something and got the giggles. Jill said... "Ahhh, time flies when you're f*cked".

All right - go to sleep. David.... that means YOU. I'VE GOT NIGHTMARES... I'VE GOT BEDSWEATS... I'VE GOT REFLUX WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE?" david-in-bed.jpg

:) JoJo.