The Real Estate Wait. Aug 13, 07

So we've been waiting for the phone to ring all afternoon hoping we'd have some news about our offer. At around nine tonight Natalie text messaged Rich, forwarding a message from the broker saying that he couldn't disclose any details until he had an acceptance signature from the seller. Whatever the heck that means... but we'll know tomorrow morning. Who knows. How did my life turn into interactive monopoly? When do we pass Go??? Rich spent the day digging (almost literally) through the room offstage right which will eventually become our scene shop. It currently houses a gigantic (I mean gigantic) disused boiler that we have yet to figure out how remove... but he was clearing out everything else in the room and discovered that the entire floor area was buried - I am not making this up - in about six inches deep layers of flat cardboard boxes. I have no idea. But he's been yanking cardboard out for hours - and he'll resume tomorrow and we'll take a run of it to Le Dump. Of course the walls are brick... and the cardboard is paper... so I thought a little lighter fluid and a blowtorch would make quick work of it... but he's more cautious than I.

In order for Rich to have a BREEZE (he's very into convection currents all of a sudden... flow of air through the buildling so we don't die of heat exhaustion) while he was working in the BACK of the theatre, he wanted me to hang out downstairs and work so that the doors could be open at the FRONT of the theatre. So air could flowwww. So I tied Po to the bottom of a chair, gave her a pillow, and set up my sketches and references down there. Even though she was barking her head off when she WASN'T with us upstairs, she continued to bark her head off downstairs too. I don't think she felt being tied up should be part of the bargain. Anyway - I made some headway with the design stuff and now have to do some more careful renderings on the computer - but at least I'm feeling better about the general approach. And just so you can see that I haven't been sitting on my butt doing nothing - even though you haven't had a picture of me covered in goo for like a whole week - here's a picture of some of the crap i've been churning out. Just as evidence.


So I also managed to get the wood stain taste-test done. Those little ketchup sized packets of tester stains are JUST enough to do a strip (if it were me, and you were doing this, I'd spring for two ketchup packets of each stain color you wanna try - I'm just sayin'). So here's a pic of the semi-finalists:

MIN-WAXING POETIC aug-13-3.jpg

And... (drumrolll please) the winner IS... The one of the left. The one of the left is actually two choices - Honey Oak with ONE coat, and Honey Oak with TWO coats. We have opted for the honey oak with TWO coats. Now, I know you can all sleep easier at night. We even took it outside where the doors live and checked how they looked under the awnings shade. Very scientific here in Indiana, kids.

So after I sketched and Rich finished surfing the cardboard ocean, we headed out for a Lowes run. We had lots of bits and pieces on our list - but the BIG exciting purchase for me was the foyer paint colors. Test one. Now THIS is awesome... Lowe's does a thing called "Audition" pots of paint - which are these adorable little tins of paint mixed to whatever color swatch you pick. For only three bucks each. Each tin covers five feet in area - which is perfect to do test areas. So we got five tins of color (three base colors and two metallic glaze colors) and tomorrow I'm going to get foam core sheets and do a couple test variations in different ways and see which treatment/color choices we like. This is a big step forward in the foray into the foyer (I can't believe I haven't saved that for a blog heading). These may not be the perfect final colors - but the very face that rich and I found a couple options we liked and agreed upon is reason for celebration.

We also shopped for hardware for the bathroom - faucets. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW EXPENSIVE FAUCETS ARE, PEOPLE???? My God. You know that cute ad where the couple brings the faucet into the fancy architect and plonks the faucet down on the table and says "design a house around THIS". Well, what they DON'T tell you is, that's because the faucet cost MORE than the whole freakin' house. it's made trickier because all the pre-drilled holes in the double sink vanity tops are spaced wide apart (unlike on the single sink units). That means you can't use the one piece units (with the tap and faucet all together on one metal base)... you have to have three individual pieces. And those are all way more expensive. We're gonna ask our nice plumber guy if he has any ideas or sources for solutions...cuz I don't really wanna blow 250 bucks on TAPS. Yeesh.

HOLY CRAP. I nearly forgot to tell you AWESOME news. The quote from the new electrician came in today. Three thousand bucks cheaper. Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy. So all in all with the guys we are going with we are saving about five grand on the original quotes. How's that for a reason to celebrate. We could spend all that money on.... oh... a single faucet. Grrrr. But seriously - we're pretty ecstatic because those original quotes were pretty bowel slackening. And we like both these guys and they've been recommended to us... so it should work out great.

Anyway - back to Lowes. We actually DID buy lighting fixtures for the bathroom - and I am including a picture simply as an expression of my glee that the fact that Rich wanted to pick out lighting fixtures IMPLIES that there WILL actually BE a bathroom. He actually thinks by this weekend we should have the new walls studded and next week the electrician and plumber can start doin' their thing. Amen.


The last thing for the day... Rich found an ad in the local paper which he wanted me to share with you. He was delighted by this... so we shall oblige him happily. He would like to direct your attention to the second line of the qualifications and said that he was delighted that we were still eligible for employment in the local job force.


Eek. It's now 12:30am... Damn it. I've officially turned 34. I'm going to go crawl under the covers, hide my wrinkles, and weep.

That's all for t'night lovelies. xo jo jo.