Concession Obsession. Aug 12

Continuing Blog catch up. That pesky bot thing was apparently a spam which had imbedded into a table. If that makes sense to you - you're a better man than I am, Charlie Brown. We've spent the past day or so doing prep work for the eventual attack on the foyer. Even though it feels like I've accomplished NOTHING I guess I'm making gradual progress. I hate trying to design this kind of stuff - I'm a rotten interior decorator - I have too many ideas and end up paralyzed. But... I've been doing lots of research and trying to figure out colors and trying to make decisions on how to frame the wallpaper panels and what shape mirrors etc etc etc. I'm sprawled out on the floor right now cuz I don't have anywhere to really work (my office isn't set up enough to spread out work like this. I actually like working on the floor - but it drives Rich a little buggy after he tidies up the living room to have me explode onto the carpet. So eventually my office will have carpet and I'll sprawl in my own little corner of my own little room. Well, not the corner, cuz I'll hit my head - the ceiling slants.

Yesterday we came to two substantial decisions. The concession stand as it currently exists is GIGANTIC and in the middle of the entrance - it just doesn't serve flow of traffic at all and it's kind of a behemoth. The plan WAS going to be to keep it as it is for the coffee shop, and then when it was time to open the theatre, shut down for a week or two and move the concession area. But there are a couple of problems with that plan. First - if I'm doing this decorative etched concrete floor that we want to do - then I can only do half of the foyer if we leave the concession area - because that whole area of the foyer is tiled. But when we move the concession area the actual concession booth has no tile BENEATH it. It's just linoleum. Which means we can't keep the tile - or we'd have to try and fill it in. Rich wants the whole foyer to be the concrete eventually - but once we've done the first half I don't think it will be possible to blend the seams of the two sections in a seamless join. And, at the end of the day - we'd be kind of doing the same work twice over. So. We kind of are leaning towards moving the concession area sooner rather than later.

We sat in the foyer for like an hour and tried various configurations - it's really tough. It's an awkward space and there's nowhere ideal to put it. We finally settled on a complete oval which straddles the two areas - passing under the partition between both rooms. I actually think it could be really cool. For any of you who know the bar in NY called "G" - it would be like the 'fruit loop", as they call it. So that's one decision. How we will surface the oval is still up for grabs... we may tile the top and use the resin stuff to surface it. Rich likes having a big bar area like that because it would mean at the beginning of the night we could have 'will call' at the front and the concessions at the opposite end. And then at intermission we could have predrink orders lined up at one end and bartenders at two other areas. So it could be really nice. And hard to build. But what else is new.

We also are second guessing our wallpaper. Rich has been kind of bothered by it for a while... and I don't disagree. I hadn't said that I was worried about it, because I didn't want to be whiney about something we had already purchased... but when he said he wasn't sold on it, I had to agree. The problem is that it just doesn't pop the way we hoped it would when we ordered it... it just feels a little muddy and very dark. We both like the pattern but we're not sure it's right for what we want in this room. Also because it's quite a complicated pattern it really limits our color pallette a lot. There's only so many colors that will go with it. The other thing that bothered me - which I hadn't even mentioned - was that it's really NOT an art deco pattern. It's very specifically Art Nouveau - which hardly anyone in Indiana will notice... but still. We liked it best of our samples... so we went with it. But we pulled up the other samples that we had and pinned them to the wall - and I think we might go with something that's a little more bold and definitely deco. The metallic in this really shimmers - and that's something that I think is important. We'll see.


So I've been playing around with all kinds of ways to frame the wallpaper panels.... round frames... diamond frames... square frames... rectangular frames. The problem is coming up with something that feels deco without it turning into overkill in the space. And it's not my forte, like I said. Arghghggh. This is why I stopped designing. But - I'll muddle through. There was a point in the proceedings where I was mulling over the idea of a deco mural of drama masks and Rich wisely vetoed. They come up a lot in these deco buildings - but still... cheezy. Dan and Winston gave us two amazing books on vintage movie theaters and they are SAVING MY BACON. So - snaps for Dan-ston as the tabloids call them.

We also spent all day trying to figure out what to offer on the freakin' house. We went back and forth and back and forth. Rich is not entirely convinced that this 'other offer' even exists... because after a year of being on the market this offer happened to come in within three hours of us making our offer. So we're a little concerned it might simply be a way of pushing our offer up. But - they hold all the cards - so all you can do is hedge your bets and try not to get burned. We settled on a figure and called Natalie and told her to give it a shot - but we told her that if the guy said that it wasn't high enough to beat the other offer to call us straight away. This 'highest offer' thing really sucks - a bidding war would be so much more tangible - and at least you know you're competing against a specific figure. Yeesh.

Jo Jo.