Happy New Year!!!Thanks for all of you bloggers for a spectacular year of comments and support and patience for my sporadic postings. I just got into Bermuda - leaving behind the wiener and Pack Leader (make sure he EATS people and someone make him SLEEP too).

I will have a full blog for you tomorrow hopefully detailing New Years and our wonderful fake Bermuda chirstmas (the christmas was fake...the bermuda was real :)...but I wanted to share with you this niftiness cuz it's so neat....

Rich and I were just named the 2008 Citizens of the Year by the local paper - the Herald Press. It's a very big deal in these parts and it was a huge surprise and a huge honor...especially considering that we are relatively new to the community. It was such an expression of the local feeling that what we are doing is worthwhile and of value to the community - it was really awesome. Of course, a huge part of the honor is because of everything the Pack Leader does for the community and all the organizations and boards and stuff he's become involved with...I also think they like his Long Island Ice Teas.

Anyway - here's the's really nice. And the bags under our eyes aren't THAT bad. I'm gonna sleep until half past Wednesday and then I'll try and give you a more detailed fillin' in.


Yours from the Triangle.... JOJO.