Reid my lips.

I'm gonna give you a super duper blog about rehearsing with Katie in about two days (right now I'm hoping to catch about 20 minutes of sleep before the show...since I'm still putting together my fun facts script). She's been working harder than....well...a Najuch even! dscn0090.jpg

Despite my offer to understudy: dscn0110.jpg

Plus she's brought some pretty kick-ass shoes: dscn0111.jpg

Of course there's always times for Nicks: dscn0109.jpg

The paper did a really nice write up about Katie doing the show... REID ALL ABOUT IT. dscn0092.jpg

I thought you might like to see some pics of our girl at work though... we teched the show today:





I'm am sooooo proud of her. The show is going to be just amazing! She's doing 25 songs - full out - no holds barred and they are all awesome. It's also been really fun to put this together because, unlike our normal shows, we don't have any 'perameters' in which to confine ourselves... this time we just picked songs that we loved that we thought the audience would love. So each and every song is pretty much a blockbuster.

Katie, of course, showed up hyper-prepared. And about 75% of these songs are tunes she's never ever sung before. We're covering some great New Years songs, and she's also doing Broadway hits like "All that Jazz", "Cabaret", "Don't Rain on My Parade"; some gorgeous pop ballads like "Bridge Over Troubled Water", and American Songbook standards like "Lady Is A Tramp", "Makin Whoopee" and "The Part's Over".

I can't believe how much she's managed to cram into her brain and not seem remotely stressed about it...


I originally intended on doing the evening as more of a straight forward concert - without my usual blabbering - but everyone - even KATIE said that the audience was expecting it... so I'm gonna do my usual schtick too. :)

I can't believe we'll have pulled something so substantial off in only thirty six hours - without someone like her it really would be impossible.

The New Years day show is totally sold out - hoorraayyyyy. There is still space New Years Eve, in case you wanted to come - and trust me you WON'T be disappointed in the great material and her incredible knockout vocals... Since it's last minute now we are offering a $50 show-only ticket for the event without the dinner including a champagne toast at midnight. You'll be there for all the fun of the show, the midnight toast, and the partying afterwards if you'd like to come - give us a call at 260-454-0603. It's going to be so much fun...hope we'll see you there!

xo jojo.