Deer Abby. Aug 11, 07

Hey - THE BLOG LIVES!!! After a few hours in the ER, Dr. Rich preformed BPR (like CPR but for blogs) and it's back. And believe me, it's not easy to get your lips all the way around a hard drive.There actually was a point last night where Rich had to preempt my nervous breakdown when we realized there was the possibility that we might lose everything on the blog to date. This is why we have a Pack Leader folks. Ya gotta get one, trust me. So - CATCH UP... Here's the post I tried to put up the other day.

So we're back at home. I'm getting used to this being called home now. Not that I had anything against it - but if we are in another state and we say "oh, I left that at home" - now I think of Indiana on reflex... so that's somethin'.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that we shopped around at a carpet liquidator and found a remnant that would be Ok for my office... I liked the colors - but it was a foot too short - and even though I could live with it, since at that point in the room it will only be a 2 foot high ceiling (it slants down from seven feet to like two feet at the other end) it doesn't matter so much... But we decided to wait and see if we found something else. We also looked at Home Depot at a double vanity sink that we like a lot better than the one we bought at Lowes. The vanity we have we really like - and we got it at a great price on clearance because the left side (that we will have hidden flush against a wall) was scratched. But we didn't love the sink choices and bought this kind of pinky/beige marble style that was the least of all evils. But this one at Home Depot is only a little more expensive and really nice... so I'm thinking we're gonna switch. Yay for upgrades.

Ok - so as promised - here is a photograph of the STAINED door next to the UNSTAINED door.

VIEWED WITH A MODICUM OF DISS-STAIN (we did, in fact, diss the stain)


So during the three and half hour drive back Po was quite the angel. I think she had worn herself out from barking ALLLL weekend because she was so excited to be around grandpa (who sneaks her treats) and all the new folks. But she was pretty zonked out the whole time.

PET-LAG aug-11-2.jpg

But, she did take the few moments to mock me for not getting my license yet.

READY TO POP A WEENIE aug-11-1.jpg

When we got home Natalie took us to look at a couple more houses. The hush hush house still seems to be strong option for us - so we'll have to figure out if we want to submit a competitive bid - and try and guess what that would be. They don't want to give us a FIGURE - they want our best offer. Yeesh... So Rich is trying not to lose his mind weighing the balance betweeen wanting the building and wanting a bargain and wanting the building and wanting a bargain. Putting in something competitive without overshooting the mark. It's actually a lot like the Price is Right. Without that weird long microphone. But our pets HAVE been spayed or neutered.

So - here's a couple pictures of this big house. Obviously if things develop I'll post a lot more. It features two things - the woodwork that Rich will shoot me if I have my way and paint white. I know, I know - it would devalue the building.... blah blah. I'll suck it up. You can also see some of the spectacularly tasteful wallpaper that no doubt will have my name on it for de-goo duty. Ah, the glamor.

WHERE'S A TERMITE WHEN I WANT ONE? Ok, I know - it's charming. Yadda yadda. aug-11-5.jpg


But in all honesty - the place is growing on me quite a bit. It has a lot of charm and would suit our needs perfectly. So we'll see.

Finally - and perhaps most importantly, when we were in Ohio we finally saw Chuck. Chuck is the GIGANTIC deer which Bob bagged last fall. He's a 10 point buck - which is the deer equivalent of... Dirk Diggler. So they decided to have him stuffed - and it's been a LONG TIME at the taxidermist. So - finally, our Bob has Chuck back home. Hanging in their bedroom. He was too big to fit in the living room. Seriously. He's gigantic.


I took great glee in crouching under the bed and making him talk like at the Country Bear Jamboree. "Hey folks, move all the way down to the last seat in yer row. Don't mind me, I'm just hangin'."

xo Jo Jo.