Steal Estate

So we found out that there's an offer in on the place that Rich and I were considering might be a good option for our housing. Grrrr. We're gonna re-asses and see if it's something we want to get competitive with. We spent today at Ceder Point Park - one of the biggest roller coaster parks in the US - which is about a half hour from the in-laws place. We had a lot of fun - although Rich is not a big roller coaster fan. In fact when we went to Disney World a few years back when he did the simulation build-your-own roller coaster his actually almost came to a grinding halt because it was so tame that it developed no momentum! So Rich and Janice and their friends were spectators as the rest of us flung ourselves upside down and sideways. And, after a sno-cone and a hamburger and a candy apple... a little flinging goes quite a ways.

We head back home to kitchen demo tomorrow... Hopefully I'll have lots of fun pictures soon - since I realize the past few days have been low on visual stimulus.

Thanks for bearing with us.

Xoxo jo jo.