And then I saw Big Foot. Aug 4, 07

Ok. I didn't see Big Foot. Basically nothing of any interest happened at all today and I was just saying that in a feeble attempt to keep you interested. But... RICH IS BACK. Bleary eyed and exhausted from driving thirty eight hours in four days - but he's here and the weenie and I are very pleased about it. He brought a truckload of stuff from Ohio with him - so after carrying all that crap up the balcony - the foyer is now filled to the brim again with crap :) Ah well. Tomorrow, apparently we are going to hook up the entertainment unit which will mean... TIVO!!! It's been about a decade since we've actually seen a tv show we liked - so I'm pretty psyched.

He thought I did a good job while he was away and likes the tabletop. I think I've found both the tabletop resin and the table edging which means I've officially almost fulfilled my responsibility under the foolish "oh yeah, I can do that" jo jo clause. No more saying THAT, my friends. We went to a pretty darn good Mexican restaurant (with a real GENUINE Mexican too) nearby for dinner - and they had some very attractive tile countertops. I kept saying "ooo these are pretty and I bet they are no trouble to clean" but I stopped after Rich gouged my eye out with a fork :) So - resin tops it is.

Before he arrived I got all the moulding in the living room done and the doors roller-ed. I used one of the roller things that had been discovered when we arrived. I learned that lesson the hard way - it was overly fuzzy and lint kept coming off onto the door... and with the semi gloss paint, it wasn't a delight. So I just have the chair rail thing below the window to do - but we need to add the half round under it (where the old phone cords used to run) so Rich has to do that before I can tackle that.

He has a lot of internet client stuff to do this week - so my main task is apparently to get the full design plan ready for the foyer - which kinda scares the crap out of me. I have not problem sourcing five hundred ideas - but when it comes time to actually PICKING one I kind of panic. I mean it's gonna be that way for a LONG time, right. The main thing really at this point is to pick out the paint colors and experiment with those. I know it's gonna be some kind of rag rolling kinda faux thing - but what colors and glazes I'm not sure... and it's one of those things that I don't want to spend like eight hundred bucks experimenting with a hundred different colors... and it will be hard not to. So I'll do my best. I'm gonna get some illustration board and make a little model and play with that.

So - I'll keep you posted on that stuff...hopefully there will be SOMETHING accomplished other than that in the next week so I'll have something to tell y'all. Well - we have to finish the closet - so that should make some RIVETING reading :) I also have the concrete stuff to fill in the holes in my office ceiling (sounds great, huh) - and if I get antsy I can always dump get some more concrete in my hair for kicks. That gravity sure is a kicker.

I did forget to tell you the other day that we got a MUCH MUCH better quote from the second plumber - who we really like. So that is a big relief - and another electrician is coming on Wednesday and hopefully we'll have the same result. The window situation, however, is not looking as good. Rich thinks we're just gonna have to bite the bullet because if we wait much longer it's going to be into September before they can be installed - and we can't start installing the kitchen until they're in. So - I guess we'll suck it up.

Oooo - PS. Apparently the 'Bark at the Top of the Stairs' line was too obscure for some. I have provided an explanation: The Dark at the Top of the Stairs is a 1960 film with Dorothy McGuire, Robert Preston, Shirley Knight, Eve Arden, Lee Kinsolving, and Angela Lansbury. It was adapted from a 1957 play by William Inge. So there.

xo jo jo.