Robinson Goo-so

Feeling a little marooned. Not miserable or anything - just after four days I'm ready for a change of scenery and a little company. Especially on a Sunday, when NOTHING is open on our street - no restaurants or anything at all. So it was me... a couple sandwiches and cereal...and the weiner dog. Today was particularly challenging with the Po, who HATES the rain. In the old apartment she wouldn't go outside and we'd just let her use the good old reliable pee pad. But now we have wall to wall carpet and it's kind of a crises when she won't go out. So we had a farcical moment of the two of us standing in the rain (I have NO idea where an umbrella might be packed) with me yelling at her "Pee damn you... pee" and her just locker her legs and demanding to go inside. She gets particularly flumoxed because a) she is wet - which she hates.... and b) she can no longer smell where she normally pees. And she's not exactly a brain surgeon.

But - since i have very little of interest to share I did manage to get the picture of her I've wanted to get for a couple days. When Rich isn't here she very often sits staring at the door from which he exited (at the top of the stairs) waiting for him to return. It's a) cute and b) makes me feel like chopped liver.


I spent the day just crossing off little chores. I put away a lot of the stuff Bob dropped off - carrying it up to the balcony where we have most of our belongings sorted in various aisles. it was enough stairmaster for a week at least. I sealed the grout on the tabletop with three coats. Brought all the clothes on hangers up to the closet and carried the big metal wire basket things we have up too. So now we can sort the closet out when Rich gets back (with those last eight screws). I painted the baseboard tim in the living room - which was kind of a pain... it took forever. For some reason the paint didn't go on really well and it took two coats before I even got a decent finish. AND I did exactly what you're supposed to and ran the edges along the masking tape with a knife before taking the tape away... and it STILL freakin' peeled. i wasn't happy. So I want back and patched it with a brush. I still have to do another coat on the doors - I'll probably roller them tomorrow - cuz the brushing just wasn't covering well.

So that was my day. It doesn't seem like much - but I'm tired. And the painting certainly took a heap of time.

Sorry I can't regale you with thrilling tales - but considering the only person I have to talk to doesn't speak english or have opposable thumbs - it's not a hot bed of activity.

Love Jo Jo.