Let's do the time warp agaaaaaiiinn.

A few of you have pointed out that on our ad for Katie's New Years event that I spelled dessert wrong...This is absolutely incorrect... at the end of the evening you will be offered a choice of desert: Mojave Gobi Sahara. (we figured the weather would make you order more drinks :) )

Now - with all this going on, you decided we hadn't renovated ANYTHING. Right? Right. Ok - well you're half right - I've been pretty much trapped behind my computer screen - but Team Najuch has been quite active as of late trying to get stuff into hyper gear for our winter show season.

Rich decided it was paramount to get the food plating area renovated in time for the next shows at the Supper Club. Although Jean Anne didn't need it to prepare the food (that's done at Nicks Kitchen) - we DID need it to make serving a whole lot more streamlined. It also would mean that the dishes no longer have to make the block-long trek over to Nick's every night to go through the dishwasher. This is particularly welcome to those of us that saw the unforgettable drinking glass cascade on Jefferson street one night around 11:15.

And so - the former North Storefront began it's transformation... nat-desk-out.JPG


And Janice and Madge started assembling four zillion flat-packed cabinets... buildng-cabinets.JPG


The storefront is being split into two sections. The front area will eventually become a box office with the attached basement serving as Supper Club dressing rooms (for those under 6 foot tall!)... and the rest will be for serving. And so - we were back to STUD TIME!!




And then linoleum... linoleum_2.JPG

And, Mom, I'm well aware that the black and white linoleum doesn't look that great with the diamond wallpaper - but it was on clearance, and it saved us like 200 bucks AND no one ever sees this room other than the staff.... AND we'll repaint sometime. :)

Larry, I'm INCREDIBLY pleased to say, started recovering very nicely and was looking less and less like he was auditioning for the film of "Twilight". Of course - Larry taking it easy, is a little different than most people taking it easy (other than Najuchs) so shortly after leaving intensive care, he decided to accept an emergency electrician call for the TOP of the Huntington Water Tower. No, seriously....

Now, after his FIRST attempt, he decided he wasn't QUITE sure he had enough strength to climb up the entire thing himself... so they craned him up...








I'm not exactly sure, if it had been me, exactly HOW MANY times I would have throw up...but at least 20.

Rich was also making steady (not speedy - cuz so much was going on) but definitely steady progress on the bar... At the very least, we managed to come up with a much more solid plan of what it was going to look like design wise...which had been no easy task. He was being driven pretty darn nuts by the textured walls in there - so he finally bit the bullet and decided to frame them and sheetrock. This heralded the first use of one of the most monumental purchases since our arrival. After I had been BEGGING for about a year - he finally knuckled down and bought himself a framing nail gun. And his life will never be the same. This might be one of the...well....the ONE time since we met that he's said "yup...you were right". It saves hours and hours and hours. I mean the speed with which he can now frame up a wall is iNSANE. And it saves so much physical effort from whacking and hammering and, y'know, hitting your thumb :)



I SAID IT WAS FAST! bar-frame9.JPG


And they've started sheetrocking that puppy too... Now this is very very very important... this picture was taken with a wide-angle lens and Alane iS NOT THIS WIDE... It is camera distortion. She's a tiny little woman.


And down the block there was some major changes happening too... Jean Anne's new sign was finally ready for instal. And OH MY GOSH this thing is soooo sexy. I covet her neon. I am filled with neon fresh new shiny sign jealousy that seeeethes through my body.








PLUSSSS - she got her building on the corner (right next to Nick's) painted...now making our block (ok except the outside of our building with it's prehistoric unavailable tile) looking sharp as a tack!


The next major event in our Carousel of Progress (quick everybody sing...'Now is the time... now is the best time...now is the best time of our livvveeeessssss")

AND BY 1992 WE'LL GO TO SCHOOL ON THE MOOOOON! carouselconclusion.jpg

Well - our next major event was actually a step BACK in time. It was time for Ye Olde Annual Pioneer Festival. Which, when this blog started and we were afraid of google giving us away and offending anyone was known as the Pie-O-Near Festival. And a year later... well we all know we're past the point of now return don't we?

Last time, however we were mere spectators in the Olde Timeness. Now we were hitchin' our wagons, chucking our train and...um... Rawhiding our Bonanza? Janice had, during her COPIOUS free time had been feverishly making the spectacular wreaths I told you about a few months ago. And, since we had realized that our schedule at the theatre during the winter was going to be so booked with the Xmas show - they figured that the best time to try and sell them would be at the Pioneer Festival. So - we booked a booth. People loved what a beautiful job Janice had done (they are really were gorgeous) and all of the proceeds are going to go towards the 'repair the marquee fund'. Janice was NOT thrilled with having to wear an outfit - but after several hours of scouring the interweb, we found some very cute duds for her.

There was some argument about who would get to wear the bonnet:



It was two very long days to wear all this goo in warm weather however...

PIO-SNEER pio-sneers.JPG



She also knitted these fab kitchen towel thingies... towels.JPG

And these Santa Heads... santa-heads.JPG

SAY 'HAAAAY' ricvh-on-hay.JPG


And although I didn't get the chance to take as many fun pictures as last year... I did love this couple:


And we found out that there's a craft fair around these parts in November that Janice is gonna hitch up her tent again and offer her wares... Probably without the bonnet :)

xo JOJO.