A small man with a white beard delivers packages and disappears. Xmas in August?

Actually - no. Bob did a drive-by drop off today with a load from the Blazer. Super nice of him since it was a six hour drive total and neither Rich or Janice were here. When he arrived I had just ordered lunch at "Nick's" (of the famous breaded tenderloin, remember?)... so I had to tell them I'd be gone for a few minutes and then be right back. Bob wanted to explore the basement though - so I didn't get back quite as soon as I hoped. Luckily I must have seemed trust worthy and the waitress kept my table and food on standby :) So Bob and I went down into the basement and had an in-depth conversation about the plumbing and wiring of wiring of the building. I contributed enormously to this discussion by attempting to prevent my eyes from crossing and little tweety birds appearing in my pupils. He discovered something very useful - and I expressed great elation as if it had been keeping my up nights. He said he wanted to check out one other thing, and I should go finish my lunch and he'd probably be gone when I came back. So I ate my salad with fat-free French dressing (it is AWESOME that in a place devoted to all things fried they actually HAVE a fat free dressing....go figure?) - and when I got back he was still spelunking. Spelunking is frankly the best adjective for those rooms off the stage that have no light and are pretty darn cave-like. So then we went in and I gave some more invaluable insights by saying "uh huh, oh yeah, oooo, uh huh". And he was off. And too all a good night Or rather... a good afternoon.

So i frankly had a pretty relaxed day. I think I feel like i"m getting nothing done because I'm actually not knee deep in a gooey substance or sweating like a pig... but I have actually crossed some things off the list. I forgot to seal the grout - I'll do it tomorrow. But I did spend about three hours finishing up the plans for the stage area of the auditorium. Yeesh - what a pain in the butt. They aren't perfect - but I think within about six inches they are accurate and I rechecked what I did yesterday and made more finite adjustments. Hopefully now we can start planning how we want to reconfigure the playing space and backstage.


I couldn't even begin to figure out how to get enough light or bravery to measure the rooms off stage right - so I'll do those when the master returns.

I got some other New York work looked at - and tomorrow I have a healthy list of chores I want to tackle. Firstly I need to paint the trim in the living room white - if I can find enough masking tape to do it. Then I wanna get all the stuff Bob delivered put away. He also brought a bunch of our clothes on hangers so maybe I'll actually put something in the CLOSET. On a HANGER. Yee haw.

For dinner I finally managed to visit the Copper Kettle which is right on the corner. it's adorable. The menu is much more varied than Nick's, and it's reallllllly yummy. And not much more expensive. Which is still cheap on the NY scale. AND they have speghetti on the menu - and I was beginning to fear that there wasn't anywhere in the near vicinity I could get pasta without us having to hitch up the truck for drive. I was really excited about it - and I'm anticipating popular dinner/show packages in the near future. Connie and Carla eat your heart out.

Sorry I don't have any thrilling adventures to report.

xo JO JO.