Catchup Warp Speed

Ok - so here's what we're gonna do... In about three blogs I'm going to get us up to speed to PRESENT TIME!!! I know you can't believe it. And here's how we're gonna do it. Y'know how they say a picture says a thousand words... well we're about to say A GAZILLION TRILLION KABAJILLION WORDS... Here is the photographic cavalcade of our two months. So - after the actors left we did - admittedly - take a little chunk of time off to sleep... yawn-dog.JPG

and rest and throw up our feet up... back-to-normal.JPG

A big treat to help soothe my major post-show I miss the actors waaaahhhhh sadness (which was not at all insignificant - things have felt pretty darn blah since they left)... Winston and Dan came for a visit from New York. To visit Po, of course, not us. winny-and-po-awesome.JPG Winston has a guest blog coming my way - so he will happily fill you in on the fun of that week. The poor guys arrived ready and raring to go with the usual working-holiday-renovation intensity and Rich and I were so wiped out we were like...."um... well there's a marathon on of Lingo on Game show network".

Soon after that we received an invitation to spend the weekend at a Lake House. Richard Ford, who is one of the most amazing philanthropists in the state - if not the nation - has heard about what we are doing here at the theatre - and has been kind enough to invite us around for some fun social/artsy events. He asked us if we would like to spend Labor Day weekend at his Lake House at Lake Maxinkuckee (which I'm sure has prompted many dubious limericks).

He has two RIDONKULOUS boats that are just beautiful. I didn't get pics of the littler one because we went out on the lake at night - but the other one is JUST like the boat in the African Queen. Seriously - it's just like being on Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. Without shooting the attacking hippo, of course.

RICH and RICHARD rich-n-rich.JPG


Around this time the Pack Leader had to fill in when Jean Anne went to Vegas, baby...Vegas. She was very excited to learn that when she saw Mama Mia that I knew someone in the cast. :) Anyway - so for the day Rich staged a coup of Nick's Kitchen:


He also took it upon himself to make sure that none of the food was poisoned: rich-taste-test.JPG

Actually, also in Nick's news, Jean Anne did the Jo Jo a gigantic favor and started serving Bison Burgers (which I used to LOVE in NY and still craved bigtime). She got some in and I'm very very happy to report that they are selling really well so I'm gonna get to keep having my new yummy favorite Nick's lunch. :)

We had to really emerge from our hibernation when the time came for Rich to work on the 100th anniversary of the Huntington County Courthouse. Around there here parts it was quite the big deal (really because the building - due to various circumstances - had NEVER been dedicated before). Rich had been asked to be on the planning committee for the celebration - and when the big day came there was lots to do. Now, they asked everyone to dress in Olde Timey Wear


(which Huntingtonian's all love to drag out of the closet since they spent so much time making them, and they only get to wear this skivvies during the pioneer festival). Rich did not HAVE any Olde Timey Wear (except those "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" outfits he was wearing in the early nineties...but that's not quite the right idea). So he decided he would wear his Nick's Kitchen t shirt - since that's been AROUND a hundred years. rich-court.JPG

The event was actually really quite delightful... they had antique cars come from all over to park around the building - picnics outside... a band playing... it was lovely. Here are some pics:







Inside they had arranged for people in the community to bring 100 'birthday cakes' for the celebration. And yes....lay on the guilt.... I didn't make a cake. :( ckaes.JPG



I thought this one was particularly fun. They have scanner at walmart that prints photo images onto marzipan - it's really nifty: cakes3.JPG

They also had a really great group of guys who strolled around in Civil War garb and sang songs (yet another example of this slightly odd thing we seem to do around here of deciding that if it's historic it all counts... cuz really, the civil war wasn't in 1908, right? Unless I missed something... :)





They unveiled the new bust of Samuel Huntington too... I MUST, I MUST, I MUST UNVEIL MY BUST new-statue_2.JPG


And there were refreshments outside... including YUP Tenderloins from the Pork Queen... madge-and-jean.JPG

Plus there's a great local feller named Gib Young who, on occasion, impersonates Teddy Roosevelt. Who, apparently made a train stop here around the time the Courthouse was finished. He didn't get OFF the train... maybe he heard that Nick's was serving malibu blend that day? But Teddy sure likes his Tenderloins:




All in all it was an afternoon of All American fun.


Ok kids... there's installment one. :) You'll get another tomorrow. xoxoxo jojo.