I'm working on it.

I'm so sorry that you haven't heard from me. Here's the deal. For the past two weeks I've severe to just plain really annoying headaches. It has sucked. For the first week all I pretty much did was sleep and sleep. So I really just couldn't write and couldn't think about being funny. After CT scans and visiting three different doctors (including Mr. Impatient Blog poster-boy Dr. Dyer), I've at least determined that I'm not gonna keel over any time soon. They think it's some weird-ass thing with my Eustachian (yah the first twelve times trying to spell THAT didn't work) and I'm on some major allergy meds to try and get my brain fixed. Thanks to vicadin I've become functional again BUT we were getting down to the wire to start organizing the casting for the Christmas show - because we head to NY on Sunday for auditions. So I had to sort through 300 submissions and decide who we were going to see, contact them, schedule them, deal with agents and all that crap which is a full-time week-long job. And I'm still doing it. PLUS the Tempest needed some major attention as I had to nail down designers and stuff so i can hopefully meet with them while I'm in New York.Soooo I'm trying. Really. I hate being so insanely behind that it's painful...almost as painful as my head. But i'm feeling better now. And I'm trying. And I got complaints that you want more pictures. I'm working on that too. So - sorry. Especially you Derek. I suck. I know. xoxo jo jo.