Back in the closet.

I spent my whole day finishing off the closet so that we could get some shelves up before Rich leaves. Yes, LEAVES. For five days. What'll I do??? A whole lot, or he'll probably strangle me :) He's going to one of his oldest friends weddings back in the homeland - MA. So I'm gonna be here alllllllllll alone. With Po. The bummer is that I haven't got a license yet - but I'm walking distance from the market - and hopefully after a Home Depot run tonight I'll have enough to keep me occupied. Rich wants me to figure out how to do the sign graphic (look above at the top of this blog) in Illustrator so it can be scaled to any size. So I'm gonna brush up on the tutorials I did in Ohio and take the plunge. I also may take a stab at the mosaic table-tops for the coffee shop that I pronounced with great confidence that I could do three months ago. Since then my bravado has wavered, but I think I can manage it. It's just a lot harder to find tile than I thought. I thought you'd walk into a tile store and they'd have like a box of broken tile for crafty people to come and snatch up stuff for a couple bucks. Nope. There are no broken tiles in the entire Mid Western United States apparently. So I gotta find UNbroken tiles and break them. So I have to find ones that are inexpensive otherwise our tabletops will cost more than... well.. the building. So anyway - back to the closet. I sanded down yesterdays join compound-ness and than slapped on another layer. While that dried I dri-locked the outside of the closet to blend it with the walls of the bedroom. The small gaps between the sheetrock and the walls filled in really nicely and the fiberglass tape, when dri-locked over, can't even be seen. Inside we kept the walls smooth - and it's kind of impossible to hide the seams of the joint compound completely - since there is no texture to even it out - but even though I like things to be as nice as possible, even I wasn't going to spend the money or the time to create the perfect wall finish for INSIDE a closet for the wall that will be BEHIND clothes. My mother, however, would have textured the wall. So I have wall shame. But I'll live. Then it was time for paint. Brush, brush, roller, roller. And two coats later it really looks like part of the room - not like a structure Rich just stuck up there. It's totally a wall. Wow. There were all these little tape marks spaced along the floor and when I was cleaning up my drop cloth and painters tape I nearly ripped them up... and then (thank God) I realized Rich had put them there as stud markers to put up the closet. Jo Jo would have been in trouble.

We made the cover of the Bermuda paper. That picture of me with the sign saying 'Hi Bermuda' made the front page and there is a really nice article about the whole thing. My Mom was excited. Apparently the picture didn't print as well as we might have hoped - but you can tell it's me - and you can read "Hi Bermuda" - so good enough. Normally I would say that it's a perfect example of how little news there is in Bermuda that we made the front page - but actually there is this whole political scandal going on... so apparently we really do rate. Who knew. I'll post the article as soon as I figure out how to attach a pdf to the blog. I think I may require some pack-leader assistance for that.

The plumber accompanied by his wife came by. I think she only came to see the building because she was really excited about "y'all opening a playhouse"... which was aweseome to hear. Hopefully she's excited enough to have her hubby give us a really good rate. I'm getting particularly anxious for the kitchen since our little fridge seems to be doing an overzealous job with my cereal milk:


Yes, that's frozen milk. It adds a little extra crunch to my Frosted Flakes.

Rich was going to spend the day putting together our bookcases and entertainment center (which he was going to trim down from it's original gargantuan size using the table saw) and made great headway until he realized all the IKEA hardware and bits and pieces are still in a box in Ohio. Arghg. I'm torn between wishing we had all our stuff here already and wondering where the hell it will all go when it IS here. But I'm bummed that our pipe dream of assembling something that looked like a living room sometime before September has been crushed.

Rich needed another project so he started unloading the basement room so that eventually a lot of our stuff could store down there. He got a lot of it cleared out - and then when he gets back he's gonna build shelves so that everything stays off the damp floor. We're gonna get a dehumidifier too just to be sure.

The closet doesn't sound like a lot of work - but I"m wiped... so we're gonna head out to Fort Wayne to Hardware heaven and get some tile and maybe hit the Olive Garden. There was talk of going to see Hairspray... but I'm not sure I'd stay awake. "Whoah whoah whoa woke up today.... zzzzzzzzzzzzz".

TIME ELAPSE - just got back from our excursion. No movie. I did purchase ingredients for the prototype cafe table. We found three colors of tile that look AWESOME with the wall paper. So Rich will cut me a fake table top and tomorrow afternoon I'm gonna do my first tile attempt. I've already been warned by Rich not to attempt to use any thing that could "potentially injure" me since there's "no one to drive me to the emergency room". So I figure even I can't manage to need an ambulance using tile grout. The woman at home depot was super helpful but I'm still not sure what we need to run along the sides to give the tables a finished edge. Rich also wants me to promise (by which I mean 'threatens to kill me if I don't find an answer and I've wasted all our money on useless tables") to find something we can use finish the tables tops off with a smooth surface. I think it's gonna have to be some kind of resin - something that is durable and sanitary - maybe I should ask Damian Hurst what he encases those floating sharks in.

At Olive Garden we got the same waiter again. He loves us - frankly because I think we're still on New York tipping standards and we make his day. Anyway behind us was a bachelorette party that seemed to get a little punch drunk. We were off in a more secluded section but they still managed to draw quite a bit of attention to themselves during an incident while they were passing around a video one of them had taken on their cell phone of one of their husbands... shall we say... enjoying himself solo. I told you the cable here was crappy - look what these poor Hoosiers are reduced to for entertainment. Their OWN husbands wing wang.

So - we got back later than expected (because of my marathon questioning of Home Depot Tile Lady) so no closet completion tonight... But first thing tomorrow - shelves are going up. Now we just need hangers. They are still in Ohio. Yeesh.

Pics tomorrow - promise.

Meanwhile a certain reader has complained about a dirth of Po pics. It just so happens we were playing Spider Pig with her earlier today:


And before Winston calls the police on us... I just flipped the picture to make it LOOK like the ceiling. Jeesh. Apologies to those of you who haven't seen the Simpson's Movie and think I've lost my mind.

xo Jo Jo.