So what now?

Fearless leader Rich had a rough day today. He spent hours on the phone trying to open a joint savings account for us and they wanted everything but a blood sample. In fact a blood sample would have been easier. They wanted proof that we were both self employed... they said a tax return would be appropriate documentation. Which is hysterical since you can just fill out a tax return form and write "King of Siam" on the occupation line with no verification. Then the woman complained that we were both listed as self employed from the same address. Well, since we're SELF employed and we live TOGETHER it made sense to us. She was baffled. Finally it was taken care of... then he got to relax. By going to the DMV. I have also been driving him relatively insane by spending all day singing the "Spider Pig" song from the Simpsons Movie. No, it wasn't the greatest movie - but this thing just KILLED me. You can see it if you click HERE... Hans Zimmer did a wicked hysterical choral arrangement of it at the end credits. I bought it on Itunes. I know, I know - I shouldn't be spending renovation money on Spider Pig. But I couldn't help it - i was weak.

We have officially finished the Storefront (other than the freakin' door) . The final act was hanging the paper towel rack. Backwards. So it was actually the penultimate act. The final act was hanging it correctly. I also had more fun with caulk - and - I have my first handy tip. Now, this is what happens when you READ the directions. I had never done this before - but the caulk instructions said to make sure you 'remove masking' immediately. This implied to me that at some point one might have APPLIED masking. So I tried it. I ran painters tape along where the seam for the caulk should go. Miracle. It made getting the clean edge SO easy. You just run the bead... smooth with a highly technical tool (ie wet finger) and then lift the tape. Perfect clean professional line. I was pretty impressed. See - if they didn't print most directions in Korean IMAGINE what we could accomplish, folks.

Anyway - the second plumber is coming tomorrow to give us another estimate. Fingers crossed. The other electrical guy is coming next Wednesday and the contractor guy is gonna come look at the windows eventually. So we should be ready to install the kitchen by 2012. Rich and I were a little flumoxed as to what to do next... and when Rich feels that way he makes lists. So we went to Applebees and make lists. See the thing about Rich's lists is they are VERY accurate. Which makes people like me want to crawl into a hole and weep because you see how much work you have ahead of you. But - we now at least know what we CAN tackle in the kitchen before we need the people to whom we will be throwing giant bags of money. So we're kind of treading water but being useful at the same time. We also make the list for the foyer. Eeep.

We're thinking about devoting some time to putting together our living room tomorrow. That will involve taking the TV off of the dryer (which is in our living room), making a space for the TV stand by moving the refrigerator (which is in our living room) and moving it to the other side of the oven (which is in our living room). But then we can at least get some of our bookcases out of the foyer, and empty out book boxes (which are in the foyer) and start to assemble some sense of normalcy.

I spent a couple HOURS joint compounding the new closet. I take back insult I made about the fiberglass joint compound tape - the paper drywall tape is SO much worse. So - back the fiberglass. You get used to it after covering the 12 hundredth seam. So tomorrow I'm gonna dry lock the exterior of the closet and paint - so then we can have SHELVES. Wheeee.

Speaking of Applebees... I forgot to mention the first time Rich and I went there alone for dinner they sat us RIGHT beneath this poster. I'm not saying it was on purpose - but what are the chances, people?


There's no place like Home. There's no place like home. Even if your living room has an oven in it. Jo Jo.