So here are the pictures of the finished storefront as promised...The shame is that you can't really see in any of our original pictures how bad the walls were - but the paint was peeling everywhere and the surface was uneven. Then the new carpet, the linoleum, taking out the door and putting in the quarter round, filling all the old holes in the walls from airconditioners etc, taking out the radiator, finishing the door, and installing the cable and new airconditioner and heater... it was a lot o' work.

This one I cobbled together in photoshop from four different pics stuck together:


BEFORE dsc_0218.jpg

AFTER fixed-one.jpg

BEFORE window-original.jpg

AFTER window-oops.jpg

AND SOME MORE RANDOM... fixed-two.jpg



Anyway - we still have to stain the door - but we can't do that until we see the illusive new doors that are being housed by some dude somewhere. We're going to see them finally on Wednesday.

xo jo jo.