And on the 32nd day the Lord rested. Or at least WE did. July 30, 07

The storefront is done. Apart from a few minutes of clean up, we now pronounce her open for business and God Bless all who sail in Her. If it's a sailing shop. It really does look great - and even though we probably put in a couple more niceties than we needed to - we both felt that since it was our first project - and our first impression - that we wanted to do it right. There are also a couple other storefronts on the main strip available for rent so we wanted to be sure that ours was particularly attractive to a small business. I wish we had really good pictures of the 'Before' - we don't really - it's a lesson we've learned - and we're glad we learned it early in the game. To be honest it's really hard in a compact space like that to get a good photograph because I don't have a wide angle lens... but I'll make sure to try and get some nice shots of the final thing - once we've tidied tomorrow.

I used some joint compound to fill in a few little gaps in the baseboard joins - and to smooth some rough edges from the saw. It looks really nice and clean now. And we hooked up the pipes for the air conditioning. The thing is so funny looking - we call it R2 - that while we were hooking up the plastic pipes I decided we could actually open up the store front as a robot dating agency:


So although we STILL have to install the toilet paper holder (I know - we're so freakin' lazy) we declared a half-day of rest. One reason for this was that Rich wanted to make sure he didn't aggravate his injury from yesterday. He woke up feeling all better - but was concerned that he might do something to make it worse - and that's about the last thing we need. If one of us has to be out of commission - it better not be the pack leader. So he played it safe and did a lot of his back logged website client work and I continued my joint compound spree and attacked the new closet. And considering the number of screws I had to cover in that thing - that closet is going to outlast the rest of the building. I still need to hit the seams with the fiberglass tape - but I need a lesson from Rich in that particular skill.

So - by around 2:00 he puttered as his computer and I began in-depth research in future fictional adaptations. Ok - I read the Harry Potter book some more. Sue me, people. I've a hundred pages to go - and I haven't overheard any spoilers - so the race is on.

We got the quote today from Lowes for the cost and installation of the windows in the living room and new kitchen. I believe the correct response is "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". It's about twice what we anticipated - because the removal of the existent windows is apparently going to be, to use a technical term, a bitch and a half. So Rich is gonna get a quote from the contractor he's been hired as the web site designer for - and hopefully they'll take pity. We also made calls about alternate quotes for the electrical work in the kitchen since that also landed on the scary scale. But - these are things we knew would be a substantial expense - and they are ONE time costs. It's not like we'll have to replace the windows again until we're, well, hopefully dead.

We hit a new Italian/American restaurant today. it's kind of a dinner. Food not bad and the prices were good. So, New Yorkers who were concerned, Rich and i may have found our new Renaissance. it ain't gonna be an every day thing - but the spaghetti wasn't half bad - and the 16 year old waitress asked to come back because we were 'fun'.

Oh oh - I forgot the fun news of the day. We finally met the adorable little lady who worked at the box office of the theatre for SIXTEEN YEARS. She kind of Betty White-ish and bubbly and wants her job back. No, seriously. She wants her job back. We're not sure how well she'd cope with the credit card machines and online ticketing - but we're thinking she'd be a pretty fierce head usher. Anyway - she spoke about the building with such love that it was really wonderful. We also met her main squeeze (both her husband and his wife passed away a few years ago - and now they are a hot item I think). He tried to sign me on to their bowling league. Bless his cotton socks. They also seem to have recruited Rich for the Catholic church choir - which is a dandy way for him to meet people and keep his pipes from rusting. So I'm all for it. And hey, maybe there's a nice window installer in the congregation. Are you listening, God???

xo Jo Jo.