'Ready to Rent' or 'The Oval (window) Office' July 29, 07

So - although we actually have a few more hours tomorrow of finishing touches - we actually put the For Rent sign in the window this evening because we thought it was good enough for passers by to see. We left the light on (yes - there's a light! That turns ON!) and everything. So - today was all about the floor. Before I was even up Rich and Bob managed to get the baseboard heating unit installed. It looks super and Rich seems to be getting a knack for not electrocuting himself... which frankly is not a skill I think I'll manage any time soon.


Bob also used it as another example of his ingenious - "Me Teach. You Learn. You Do. Me Rest" system. It's pretty effective.


Janice and I were entrusted with the task of measuring for the linoleum in the bathroom and it's adjoining area. The entire time we were doing this Janice said "No matter what we do, they're not gonna like our measurements". What lack of faith. What a pessimist. She was right. So they redid the measuremenst... Now I present below exhibit A which illustrates both OUR measurements and the boys measurements and I'm just sayin' a lot of them look the same to ME. But hey, whatever keeps the union happy, right :)


In a marathon push Bob and Rich managed to cut the linoleum like champs - even manipulating it around the very tight bathroom toilet etc. Normally, so I am told, you'd take the toilet out and lay the flooring below - but we couldn't do that cuz this toilet is pretty old and we didn't wanna risk it. So they trimmed around and it looks fantastic. They even managed to line up the linoleum pattern from the bathroom into the adjoining room so it looks like a seamless join.



Then, yours truly, Trowel Boy, was sent into action and spatula-d my way to glory. It's kind of like laying down a giant piece of contact paper. We rolled it up half way just like the carpet, glued and then used a towel to push it smooth inch by inch. I would also like to point out that this involved me being assigned another job involving goo. I'm just saying.


So then it was baseboard time. Now I had major reservations about the whole method that had been described involving glue. See Rich SAID it was construction glue they were going to use. Construction glue is like that creamy yellow stuff that Elmers makes and it has no immediate bond. So I was all like "Are you sure this was going to work"... we did their way - which turned out to be JUST FINE. Now - yes this is funnny... but i"m not entirely to blame - because we weren't USING construction glue - we were using Industrial Construction Adhesive which you apply with a caulking gun... Waaaayyyy stronger. So if I had KNOWN that I wouldn't have nattered on like a nervous squirrel on crack. Ah well.



We had to use glue throughout most of the storefront to apply the base boards because the walls are all cement and they wouldn't take nails or screws too well without crumbling. So we secured one or two that were able to with nails - and then the rest we glued in place, used a block and hammer to whack them level with each other, and then used weights to hold them against the wall.




And remember the peachy keen baseboard masking I told you Bob devised to hid the hole in the wall from hell... Here's the before and after, kids.



So Bob and Janice left at around five and now we're on our own until September. Arghghghghgh!!!!! Actually I am a little concerned since Rich seems to have pulled a muscle or bruised a rib or something. He's quite, quite sore and after they left was not his usual superman self. It was an effort to nail in the last of the moulding - so hopefully a good nights rest will put him right. If not - I may be a one man band... and we all know how quick that ships gonna sink :(

We rewarded ourselves by going to see 'The Simpsons' movie tonight. Hell, Rich wanted to see it so bad that even if we'd blown up the building today we would have rewarded ourselves and gone to see 'The Simpsons' movie tonight. It wasn't as awesome as we hoped - but sitting down for two hours.. priceless.

BTW here's a picture for any of you that DIDN'T believe Janice was stripping our rusted hardware with my beverage of choice:


And - finally, the local paper in Bermuda heard about the theatre and wanted to write something about it. We took a couple pictures to send along with the interview I did for them... These aren't the exact ones I sent (the others have the theatre in better focus) - but I liked these so I thought I'd stick em up.




Tomorrow we gotta touch up the nails in the moulding with a little paint - fill in a few gaps - attach the air-conditioning duct and THEN - voila. So kids - I'm on page 260 of Potter - maybe I"ll manage another couple pages before I crash. xo Jo Jo.