Turning Gold and Grey. Last Week catchup. March, 08.

Yup. Still living. We just got back from New York last night. The trip was extremely productive - to the point of exhaustion - and despite my best efforts provided no time for blogging. So forgive me. Because it's been a long time - and there's a lot to catch up on, I'm gonna try and let pictures say a thousand words and try and shut up as much I can. I'm hoping I can get you caught up in this post to when we left for New York - and then my next missive will be wordy, juicy, and fun. So - let's begin our flashback shall we?

The weekend before we spent was pretty darn hardcore. Not only were we trying to get the lobby in good enough shape that we weren't gonna panic about leaving town, we ALSO had the Huntington Expo to contend with. Which, for want of a better term, was kind of our first coming-out party. Not that coming out ninny... The ball-gown cotillion kind of coming out. Ok. Well, I suppose if I arrived at a cotillion wearing a ballgown it would actually be BOTH kinds of coming out party. I digress...

It was pretty important that I get the gold done before we left town, so any time we weren't preparing for the expo, I was criss-crossing my brain out. At one point, during the early stages of one section of the gold application, Madge said "I keep thinking it's a giant apple pie." Which, when you look at it... is a pretty accurate description:


Of course, we all know if it WAS pie I would have eaten the entire theatre by now.

While I was golding, Margaret continued to do a faboo job on the ceiling ledges. I don't know HOW she manages to edge with such precision - but she's able to just zoom around on the scaffolding and get perfect black edging with a brush. I would HAVE to have tape - which doesn't actually create as crisp of a line when you're working on those bumpy textured ceilings.


While the two of us were getting along with our various activities, Janice began to tackle he unique problem of cleaning all that joint compound dust off the ceiling. It wasn't easy. Finally, thanks to Madge, we discovered the best tool was one of those chenille fluffy oven-mitt-looking things, which grabbed the dust, rather than just scootch it around into swirly patterns. So, having attached it to a swiffer pole, Janice, with enormous patience, managed to get the ceiling looking a zillion percent better. The dust had been on there so long we'd forgotten how much the colors in the diamonds really 'pop' - so it was nice to have them revealed again. It was just like the restoration of the Sistine Chapel ceiling...except, y'know...without the Pope. Of course, if the Pope had dropped by he could have officially awarded Margaret Sainthood, which would have saved him another trip.


You're starting to get the sense that the place was really abuzz right before the Expo. It was kind of wild, cuz everybody had their own projects all over the place, zipping along around each other... as you can see:


While we were in the lobby, the men folk were attending to stuff as well. Rich spent the day inhaling lots of paint fumes - working on fixtures for the lobby and some stuff for the expo.


But of course the ickiest job of the week, went to Bob. Who managed to rework his schedule to join us again since the weekend before was such a total loss with the doors. Ah, Doors... doesn't it seem so long ago? (excuse me while I stop twitching :) ) Anyhoodle, Bob the Builder was pretty determined that, before he left for Atlanta, he would conquer THE GIANT BOILER OF DEATH. And, actually for once, as you will see, the 'of death' is quite accurate. (NOW you're intrigued? Right? Huh?) So in the auditorium on the stage right side there is a room. You were previously introduced to this room during "Indiana Jones and the never ending cardboard floor" if you recall (when we discovered the floor was actually covered over with four solid stacked feet of cardboard scrap). Anyway - in the cardboard room (which is earmarked as our future set-building workshop), is a behemoth ancient defunct boiler. It's seriously like the size of a medium sized Scooby Doo van. It's huge. And we've gotta get it outta there. Now, this is not a task which is neccessary to tackle in terms of the Rotary arrival - but IS something that we need Bob for. So, while the rest of us were making things pretty in the foyer - Bob went spelunking.

All weekend he whacked and hammered and clobbered and twisted and clanged. It was, and I am using the technical term here, a bitch. However, he made great progress, and about fifty percent of the thing is out of there. It comes apart, so I'm told, in rib pieces like a giant radiator. Or, a giant half slab at Texas Roadhouse.


Now this was a dirty, messy, rusty, dusty, ookey job. So they tell me. However - that wasn't the most lovely part of the task. In the process of dismantling the thing they realized that the inside was apparently a pigeon burial ground...


I guess the thing is constructed in a way that once it was no longer operational pigeons were able to fly inside...but not OUT again. Which is really, really, really macabre if you think about it. I mean, it's one thing to get trapped somewhere. But it's a whole lot worse, to be going along with your day quite happily, fly into a hole and suddenly realize that if seventeen of your dead buddies didn't make it out, you probably aren't going to either. Ick. It made me feel quite ookey and I'm very glad we're taking the thing apart so no more pigeons face an untimely demise.

Rich, however, said we could not have a pigeon funeral.

So - here's what I've decided. I'm gonna cover what we did in the theatre before we left in this post. And then I'll do the Expo in another - cuz I know you - and you're already thinking this is long, right? Deal.

Ok - so skipping the Expo, to which we will return... I continued to gold gold gold whenever I could. The Expo was very tiring, but there wasn't much choice but to get the walls finished before we left. So, the night before our flight we just worked really late. Rich continued working on painting the baseboards black - which are starting to look really great. We've figured out that we can get a really nice clean edge along the top with black caulk - so that's gonna happen this week as well.

And, by the wee hours of the morning, a few hours before we had to leave for the Detroit airport, the gold was 95% complete. All the wall surfaces were finished. Some door jams, inside of arches and doors had to be finished still - but the lion's share of all the surfaces were tackled. Margaret had also managed to get second coats of brown on the side accent walls and final coats on the brown ceiling edge. Which meant we felt pretty good about getting on the plane, knowing that when we returned the clock would be REALLY tickin'.

So - here's where things stood:





Ok. We're getting caught up. I feel better now :) I gotta tell you - the Expo and the auditions were wild, so those posts are gonna be fun.

xo jo jo