Let's go (Supper) Clubbing! (tix on sale!) March 15. 08

Hey there kids!! Guess what! Ok, I'll tell you...The Supper Club tickets went on sale TODAY. I know, we're actually, y'know putting on a show. The thing we're supposed to not suck at. As opposed to all that other stuff I write about. How bout that!

I'll tell you all about this weekend later (SO much got done), but Rich was up almost all night before the Expo wrestling with the mercurial shopping cart software, but now it works. So if you want to come see the show, and take the opportunity to correct my terrible spelling in person, just click on this link...


And go for it. You can buy them online, or if, like my mother you are convinced that internet demons are stealing your credit card info and using it for excessive plastic surgery in Brazil, call the phone number and the Pack Leader will take care of you (yes, you can TALK TO HIM IN PERSON - make sure you call him "Your Pack Leaderness" when you address him (and probably you should rent 'The Queen' to bone up on your protocol when addressing a head of state))

We had them on sale for the Expo yesterday and a group of great gals at Real Estate group called Remax BOUGHT OUT A NIGHT already. They wanted their own night for a corporate event - which was just amazing. (I think I peed).

Make sure you're aware that if you purchase tickets early they are $5 cheaper... $29 for dinner AND a show. The food is going to be AWESOME - the Queen of Pork has been planning great things. And I'm learning how to garnish to 'confirm bachelor the food up a little'. It's like Queer Eye for the Straight Food. ALSO if you buy a 'season ticket' to see all three shows (and why wouldn't you for Pete's sake) (and for that matter, who is Pete?) - if you buy a season ticket for all three shows you get an ADDITIONAL 10% discount. I know the Pack Leader's gone craaaaaazzzzzzzy.

We would LOVE for you blog fans to order tickets early if you're planning on coming. We start casting the show on Thursday in New York, and if we get a real sense that the shows are going to be popular, then we can add more performances, pay the actors a little more, and lure even more fabulous people to Huntington.

ALSO We ARE doing the blog competition for a pair of free tickets to the first show in the series. I'm working on the quiz and we'll post it pretty soon. "But Jo Jo, why would I buy tickets NOW, when I have read every blog entry 12 times out loud to my husband and have memorized every detail of your incredibly goofy life. I KNOW I'm going to win the contest". "Well", I say, "order your tickets NOW if you are sure you want some, and then if you win the competition we will refund your purchase price and make them free!" Doesn't that make sense?

The website tells you about the shows...but I'll post some info here to give you some extra insider info:

"Hooray for Hollywood" - Basically all the great songs written for the movies... James Bond themes, "Blame Canada" from Southpark, "I Had the Time of My Life", "Fame", "Flashdance", "Evergreen", "Moon River", "Singing in the Rain", and even a little Huey Lewis. Tons and tons of hummable hits. (and, if the Pack Leader lets me, even a little Monty Python thrown in)."


"Over There" - all those AMAZING songs popular during the World Wars. These aren't just beautiful, rousing ballads like "I'll See You Again", "The Last Time I Saw Paris", "As Time Goes By", "White Cliffs of Dover" and "Thanks for the Memories", but all those songs that had them dancing too like "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree", and "We'll Have a Hot Time in Old Berlin Town Tonight". I love this music so much, that it's going to be great to put it all together in one show.


"Island Fever". This is the one I can't WAIT for. Yup, I'm an island boy at heart. This show is gonna be one big party with tons of fun calypso favorites like "Day-o", and "Jump in the Line", beautiful Caribbean songs like "Every Time I think of Liza", "Jamaica Farewell", "I Do Adore her" plus favorite melodies from Hawaii like "Tiny Bubbles", Elvis' "Blue Hawaii" hits, and maybe a little reggae thrown in for good measure. And just wait until you see Larry PeGan limbo, that's all I have to say. I can't WAIT to put this one together.


Ok - so there ya go. Here's the flyer (I kinda blew it up and smooshed it a little so you could read it in the blog format)... The dinner choices are all going to be awesome. I'm particularly excited about the island food - ham steak with pineapple chutney or teriyaki chicken. The world war two food is great homey food like the boys in blue missed from Mom's kitchen - chicken pot pie and a fancy meat loaf. And the Hollywood meals are Chicken Kiev and Lasagna. Because, um...they sound tasty. And PS Jean Anne's lasagna rocks the casbah.



Ok - AND there's one MORE thing that I want to make sure you know about cuz otherwise you'll go on the website to get tickets (wait...you couldn't wait...you already BOUGHT tickets?) and say "what is this thing the Jo Jo has kept from me? I thought we were tight. I thought the Jo Jo and I had no secrets. Well - full disclosure...

See that Margaret got to thinkin'... And, you know what happens when an Eckert thinks. Ok, yes, usually a wrecking ball, jello and plaster are involved...but THIS TIME...

Madge suggested we do a really elegant Prom dinner for the High School's Senior Prom. See, back where we're from Prom INCLUDED dinner... but not so for the Hoosiers. The youngun's normally go all the way to Fort Wayne for dinner first, and then come to the dance back in Huntington. Well, with the price of gas now being 400 bucks a teaspoon, and the fact that, y'know, it's a night of highjinks and excitement, and the less they have to drive the safer for all... we thought it would be an great idea. Soooo... we called up someone very high up in the Sow Jones Industrial, and lickity split we figured it all out. We're going to do two sittings - 6 and 8. Which gives them plenty of time to get pictures taken next door at Fredericks (who is the prom photographer next door). The food is going to be beautiful - a bow tie chicken pasta Alfredo (cuz everyone told us those tennyboppers like pasta - and I thought spaghetti would be messy on a satin gown...mine, I mean). Or, Prime Rib with twice baked potatoes and a veggie yet to be determined.

NOT Malibu Blend.

Anyway - so - we're going to try and give them a really memorable night for a pretty darn decent price. So, if you have a kid. Or are a kid. Or plan on kidnapping a kid before prom - tell them to CLICK HERE. After all, Daddyo, all the hip cats are doing it. What? I'm current. Ok, Ok. The Huntington is going to hizzle the shizzle. (I may of just said we were getting an angioplasty. Not sure.)


Oh, so you don't think I'm crazy - the prom theme this year apparently is 'Arabian Nights' - hence the magic carpet reference. The Pack Leader rolled his eyes.

Ok - well that's the end of my blog-o-mercial. We just love you guys and wanted you be the first to know that were actually, you know, DOING SOMETHING.

Who'da thunk? xo jojo.