Golden Girls? March 10, 08

So Alane, Luke's Mom (who btw apparently googled us and decided we're nifty), had this dream... Apparently she was visiting the theatre in the middle of renovations and she was walking around and she walked into the auditorium and looked up at the proscenium arch - and there were three angels sculpted. With very little clothing. The angels were Cindy, Jean Anne and Margaret.


Now this dream tells us a number of things... a) Alane has been popping one too many Flinstone vitamins. b) Apparently Eckerts and Stoeffels CAN live in Harmony c) If dreams do fortell the future, the good news is that we will eventually start work on the auditorium.

The bad news is that I don't know how thrilled Larry and Kenny will be about me sculpting their wives ta tas. Ok - I'M not sure how thrilled I'll be about sculpting their ta tas.

On the subject of ta tas. No. Really. We were having lunch at a local eatery with Jean Anne. The very, very beautiful waitress (I mean YOU KNOW she's pretty if I notice, right?), overheard us talking about the fact that I make cakes. She stops our conversation and says... "oh my gosh - I wish I'd known that. Would you have made a boob cake". "Um, sure" I say. "Darn... I needed a boob cake a few weeks ago for a fifth birthday party".

Ok. Now at first we were confused. Then, after she gleaned our preturbed expression, she said... "Oh, no no. It was the firth birthday of MY boobs."

And, may I say, they are very nice indeed. Moving on...

We're still licking our wounds a little bit from last week - but we seem to have brushed ourselves off and we're plugging away nicely. We keep getting waylaid by hospitality - seriously - people keep trying to feed us, which is absolutely wonderful, but we've got to find a way to balance it with our work schedule too. When Bob and Janice are here we are working like we're in a diamond mine in Uganda, but we're also able to hole ourselves away. Sometimes it's tricky to avoid the lure of, you know, daylight and fresh air and human socialization. We had a fantastic luncheon at Rose's house - Dick again managed to cook up a storm, creating this thing called pasticcio (I think?) which is like an Italian Shepherd's Pie. And then last evening we were invited over to Lee and Ray's for an amazing supper. So - we're now slightly behind AND carbo loaded :)

However - I am pleased to say that we've by no means come to a grinding halt. I've been painting the inner lobby and, although it's slow going, I'm making steady progress. I've invented this absolutely astounding tool called...cardboard. See, one of the things that made the gold application tricky in the outer lobby was keeping the angle of the brush strokes consistent. So THIS time I started just holding up a sheet of cardboard at a diagonal and then running the brush along it. I do that a couple of places in about a four foot area and then use it as a guide. And it made things SO much EASIER. It's still a huge freakin' area to cover, so it ain't speedy - but now there are a whole lot fewer places where I step back, say 'darn' and then have to try and repair. The thing that was really worrying me was all the curves on the doors... but I've gotten one finished - and it's looking pretty good.

GOLDEN ARCHES archway-painted.JPG

And here's a couple of other pictures of my progress (just so Janice doesn't think I'm slackin' off :) )


And here's a shot looking from the outer into the inner lobby. foyer-inside-outside.JPG

While I've been painting, the Pack Leader has been attending to some web clients, and also refinishing the interior lobby doors. He's sanding and scraping and smoothing. Then priming. Then painting - and they're looking a million percent better. Margaret had an idea for the smaller doors in the lobby (for the bathrooms, the manager's office, and those leading to the basement and our apartment). While the auditorium doors need to make a statement and be an architectural feature, the others would look great if they just kind of blended into the wall treatment. So some of them are going to be the color of the accent walls, and a couple have to turn the gold. Right now Rich is working on the auditorium doors though, which we want solid black. You can see them strewn about the lobby in this pic...


Eventually (sometime after the Rotary and before we're dead) those doors also are going to get some deco fretwork detail.

There's no real thrilling news on the carpet front. We're hoping upon hope that one of the three samples we've ordered online will come up aces. It's been a very stressful issue - since the clock is ticking close to the cut off point that would allow us to get carpet shipped here and installed in time for the Rotary. So we have to find something in the next two days or so, or we're gonna be in trouble. It's honestly the first time we've really come up against an out-and-out money obstacle. Everything else we've been able to make fiscally feesable by learning to do it ourselves or finding a way to make things work within our budget. But, as of this moment, we haven't figured out a way to WEAVE CARPET. And 1700 square feet at five dollars a foot would just kill us. The problem is that carpet wasn't in our budget at all - the concrete stain would have been infinitely more economical - just time intensive. But when we discovered that in these temperatures the concrete was a no-go, we had to regroup. But, we have our fingers and toes crossed until the mailman arrives, and if these samples look like their online representation, we'll be in good shape. Gulp.

I haven't had a chance to post a picture of one of the side walls which the Magnificent Madge stopped by in a whirlwind Stop-N-Glop to turn brown. Right now their adjacent to the oogly mud and maroon undercoat for the gold... so ya gotta use your imagination. But that should be gold by the end of monday.


Larry had a spectacular idea the other night about running the control cables for the supper club stage lighting and making them really clean. Rich is soooo excited about it - this will keep everything looking great, prevent anyone tripping over anything and getting hurt or disconnecting a wire, and it will mean we always have the stuff in place for an easy install. And, luckily, we don't think it will be a huge amount of extra time to accomplish before the carpet has to go down.

I am proud, and slightly astounded, to say that the Pack Leader announced yesterday morning that we could take the day off (I think maybe Lee and Ray slipped something into his risotto). We still ran a pile of errands: the obligatory Lowes run, a Sears run, and bought the Jo Jo a new pair of sneakers (which I needed desperately, and I hereby pledge to have covered in goo within 24 hours). We also hit a movie, this bank robbery film called The Big Job, which wasn't bad, but not nearly as fun as The Heist or The Italian Job. But - a whole gaggle of authentic London accents - and films like that are always invaluable to send clients to for accent reference. Tomorrow I'm gonna paint paint paint, and we've got to order the deco wallpaper for the lobby panels and do some more graphic stuff for promotional materials.

So - we've been working hard. And it was real nice to actually take it somewhat easy for a day... Someone of course has started making a career out of taking it easy and has developed the habit of not leaving the bed. All day. As we pass through the bedroom during the day she just looks at us, as if we're very late with her room service.