Base Bored. (July 28, 07)

So I spent the day doing two of my least favorite things - base coating and painting things white. I'm not whining - on the contrary - I merely make the comment to demonstrate my passion and committment to this venture. I am doing things that normally I would be very whiney about. Good jo jo. Go Team, and all that :) Anyway - so I had the task of taking the sixty two hundred pieces of base board moulding running around the inner and outer rooms of the storefront and the bathroom, and painting them white. So they had to be primed and then painted. Now you will see the complexity of today's headline pun, ladies and gentleman - not only did it involve 'base boards' - not only was I bored - but I was also 'base' coating by priming. Again, only the best for our readership. july-28-1.jpg

My original plan of laying them all out like a big jigsaw puzzle and rollering them was not met with enthusiasm by the powers that be... so instead we set me up on a saw horse and I spent a couple hours pretending like I was Ralph Macchio in "Karate Kid" - Paint the Fence.... Paint the Fence... Smooth strokes. While I was reveling in the nuance and pleasure of this activity I was greeted by two locals whom Rich and the others had already met when I was away. Paula and her husband... who does no speak much. By much, I mean at all. Anyway - Paula lived in London for 22 years and then her husband was transferred to Huntington, Indiana two years ago. Paula, it seems, is VERY happy to see us. The poor thing I think is under severe culture shock and the thought of live theatre would be blissful. So we have a grande dame already and we're not even open. She's quite marvelous - the ideal type for cutting ribbons and whacking champagne bottles against ships. I sort of felt like Diana Lane in Under the Tuscan sun when she comes across Lindsay Duncan in her enormous hat. I am confident that Paula shall be a frequent feature of all things blog.

Rich and Bob tackled the base board radiator which has to be installed in the storefront. It was decided that a new one was a nominal cost and would look and probably function a whole lot better - so we got a new 8 footer and the boys spent the morning creating an ingenious little chinese puzzle of moulding that frames it, the outlet above, and hides every broken and unpleasant part of the wall that couldn't be patched. It's gonna look super - pics tomorrow.

Janice has taken great glee in discovering that the finest substance known to man for removing 60 years of grime, paint and rust from all the door handles in the building is DIET PEPSI. Not only is she snaffling my supply for her own devices but she is loving every minute of it... smuggly pointing out how marvellous it must be for my tummy if it strips away paint lickety split. Well - they look brand new - so I feel that I should express my gratitude to the Pepsi Cola corporation by continuing to purchase their fine beverage products.

Rich and Bob got all the piping for the airconditioner dealt with and built the trap door it fits through out of a piece of scrap plastic sheetiing - it turned out great and once the whole thing is assembled (the pipes we painted the same color as the walls) it's going to be as unoffensive as two giant pipes coming out of a ceiling into a room could possibly be. Plus - they'll have some seriously awesome air conditioning - which we hope to have hooked up tomorrow.

The final challenge of the day was attempting to get the carpet lining the oval storefront window. This was a challenge for a number of reasons. They had to figure out where exactly to place the carpet so that it was effectively covering any imperfections in the window ledge; how to finish the edges; and how to get enough carpet out of the pieces we had. Rich originally thought he'd calculated enough for a full length run around the oval with only one seam - but then we realized that the carpet had a directional pattern - so it involved a much more cunning plan.

Because of my past painting episodes which have involved me painting and then (shock) walking around covered in paint... I was banished from helping too much with this activity. It involved a lot of folding, and stapling and folding and then a little cursing and then stapling again. Watching the three of them attaching carpet into this tube was kind of like watching a team constructing the ultimate cat climbing toy. But they did a great job of masking the few seams up at the top - and it looks great - finally the window has a finished look and the whole room is on it's way to being complete.








Tomorrow the baseboards get attached, the linoleum is going down, base heater hitched up, pipes and air conditioning.... and GOD WILLING by the end of the day there might just be a 'For Rent' sign up in the window.

OO OO OO - I forgot to tell you folks about the piano - cuz I was away at the time. On our first excursion to the Salvation Army before I left there was at the front of the store an upright piano. It was 300 bucks - which - is not really bad at all for a real upright. We played it a little bit and it although it was seriously in Warner Brothers Saloon tuning-condition - we thought that we might be able to get a tuner to come look at it and tell us if it was salvageable. And then - voila - for a very small linvestment we'd have a rehearsal piano.

Flash forward a week and a half. We didn't call a piano tuner because we got bogged down with other stuff... Rich and Janice happened to be passing and went into the Salvation Army just to see if it was still there. And it was marked down to SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS. So - they bought it - thinking, rightly, that getting a piano tuner there to inspect it would cost MORE. So - now we have the best piano that seventy five dollars can buy hanging out in our lobby. Eventually we'll get 'er tuned and see if the old girl still has it in her. I'll bet she'll be a beaut.


Also of note, Bob has so far this weekend let me use three tools. The razor carpet cutter thingy, a drill and a hammer. Considering that he previously was concerned for everyone's safety when I was holding a spoon - I think I'm making progress.

As Paula would say... Ta Ta.