Don't Sleep in the Foyer Darlin'. Feb 16. 08

Well April seems to be hurtling towards us like a comet in a bad Bruce Willis film. Or an ok Bruce Willis film if you're like Rich and are enamored with any motion picture focusing around natural disasters, ships sinking or the end of the earth as we know it. Part of our growing minor panic is that we have a number of obligations that are away from the theatre before the big Rotary day, which eats away at our construction time. We have to go to this thing called The Hoosier Hospitality Conference (where apparently, for reasons i have not yet gleaned, green is some sort of required uniform color). We also have this Huntington Expo thing where we intend on hocking cakes, websites, graphic design, the theatre and probably the thighmaster just for kicks and giggles. Plus we have to cast the supper club in New York. Soooo... that loses about two weeks total from the timeline. So - it's all systems go over here, despite that fact that our weary systems are a little low on 'go' by the end of the day.

it's also one of our last weekends with Bob before he heads out to his new job in Atlanta. He'll be back occassionally - but in terms of major quality time, it will be far less frequent. So the Pack Leader assembled a priority list of stuff we really need Bob for (which post-Bob's departure will no doubt transmogrify into the "Um Larrrrrryyyyy List". Anyhoo - the first thing they decided to tackle was the foundation repair and the new Kitchen floor in the shit box. And, even thought the shit box is not as high a priority as the Lobby, pre-Rotary, right AFTER that the shit box becomes a HIGH priority since we're going to have four people living there in non-shit-box comfort. Eep.

So - the men folk have been off at Byron street hammering and sawing and doing things we underlings can't comprehend. But considering that there was no none...yesterday - they are whipping through it really well.



And, in the process, apparently generated a whole lot of rubble... rubble.JPG

Ya gotta feel for these guys since they are toiling hard-core all day and there is no running water at the Shit Box. Hence, no bathroom. Hence, beverage consumption kept very low. When we went to visit them (to take pictures - since THEY never will - and to escape the maelstrom of dust in the lobby and clear our lungs), they sent us immediately on a recognizance mission for soda. It's nice to feel needed, at least :)

Which leaves The Tweedles in the foyer skim coating and sanding our keesters off. Seriously. We've REALLY had a ticking clock on this task because the lovely young Gretchen has wrangled us some more volunteers to start priming on Sunday. So - Janice and I, with some help yesterday from Margaret, have been battling to get the last layer of skim coat on the outer lobby and get it sanded before tomorrow at 12. We've also managed to get the first coat of skim on the inner lobby and sand that too.

SKIM margaret-skimming.JPG

AND SKIM janice-trowelo.JPG

AND SAND janice-sanding6.JPG

And sand and sand and sand. You cannot BELIEVE the amount of dust that is generated by sanding the skim coat.


Particularly when you are using the orbital sander. Yes, DIY experts out there, there IS a method of wet sanding...but since we've been having so many debacles with the skim coat on the old paint - we're just afraid of adding any moisture into the mix right now. So - for the moment - we spend the day operating like this...


I think in that picture I look like a really terrible character from some Japanese Anime.

Anyway. Where the walls are flat we can use the orbital sander and where it's curved we have to use the sanding sponges. And after about half an hour you feel like you've been chugging talcum powder. And, because we have to keep the door open with a fan blowing out the door to try and suck as much dust out as possible... well it's COLD too! Waaaaahhh. For some reason the two of us also couldn't even muster up the additional energy to change the playlist on Rich's ipod. So, for nine hours straight we listened to the greatest hits of Petula Clark. On repeat. If the Harold Hill "think system" in the Music Man actually works...I should be able to play "Don't Sleep in the Subway" in any key. Backwards. On the fluglehorn.

And by the end of the afternoon, Janice and looked particularly glamorous...



Hmmm who did we remind me of? fl0000605.jpg


But - even though you can't REALLY tell in the picture, it's worth it. The walls are ALMOST skate smooth by the time we're done with the third coat and sand...


But Janice apparently decided there is a more expedient solution...

BOOM BOOM ROOM wipe-off-board.JPG

With the door open, as usual, the locals seem to take it as some sort of signal to descend upon our doorstep and visit. But very weirdly, today, it seemed that it was job application time. We had a very nice young woman peek in who had driven with her husband from South Whitley because she'd heard that we were opening the theatre and were intending on going to the UPTA's. The UPTA's, for the 99% of you who won't have a clue what I'm talking about, are a gigantic set of group auditions held in Memphis. Which we WERE going to but actually changed out mind and are hitting the ones in NY... but anyway... We have NO idea how she heard we were going to the UPTA's - since we don't know anyone here who would even KNOW what the UPTA's are to relay the message to someone. Anyway - apparently this young woman used to go to them every year before she got married - and now she's settled in South Whitley with her husband so she stopped travelling all over the universe for acting jobs. And she'd like to audition for us. So I ran upstairs and rooted through the Pack Leader's office and gave her a business card, and hopefully we can work out a time for her to audition. She actually came because we heard we were doing The Sound of Music - and I told her she had jumped the guy by about a year - but that if she was interested in the Supper Club shows we'd see her for that.

We also had an absolutely beautiful young 16 year old girl pop in and ask about any kind of work. She'd heard we were opening a playhouse and was interested in any kind of jobs we might have available. Jo Jo run upstairs, root root, hand business card. Ta da. She's lovely - so hopefully she send Rich her stuff and when the time comes we'll be able to use her. But it was just very bizarre that all of a sudden people not only KNOW what it is we're doing here - but are coming and asking for work. I dunno how the word's gotten around suddenly, but it's nifty that people are coming out of the woodwork and we haven't really tried to sell ourselves yet.

Anyway - I know this blog is not particularly hysterical - but I wanted to keep y'all updated and we have to be up really early to finish the sanding for the arrival of the painting teens. Sooo... forgive my lack of punchlines and witty captions - but they take TIME to think of people.

More (in a more entertaining delivery) anon...

Jo jo.